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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Oh, my achin' feet

We hit the big crafts show today, held downtown at the World Trade Center. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, windy and warm, and the waterfront in Boston was beautiful. For all the tsusis of the big dig, the city sure is more accesible and much more beautiful as the country's largest construction project ever winds down.

My brother and sister-in-law drove in from the western part of the state, and picked us up around noon. We hopped into the Saab and headed towards downtown, discussing how nobody could spend any money at the show because we're all broke. OK. It's fun to look, too.

Once we got into the trade center we made a plan of going down aisles on the right, and up on the left. No looking across the aisle. You must avert your eyes or you will begin to wander. We take these shows fairly seriously. We tackle them with military precision, and we don't miss a booth.

This show had an unusual amount of clothing, which is usually the least prevalent craft shown. But we saw booth after booth of ridiculously expensive scarves. How many scarves can one person have, especially at the low, low price of $250. We even saw hand felted wool scarves for $600. I'm all for supporting local craftspersons, but who can afford that kind of price for a scarf?

The glass was gorgeous. My brother collects modern art glass and has a pretty good sized collection displayed in his home. We saw some pieces he was drooling over, and a few that I wouldn't mind taking home with me, either. Pricey, but so very very beautiful. Sorry for the crappy pic, glass reflects! Duh.

We all fell in love with one woman's leather arts. She did leather tooling, like saddlemaking, only on furniture. It was spectacular and very unusual.

My favorite booths are the hats. I love hats. I've got quite the collection of goofy hats, and I'm always on the lookout for more. The girl tried on this pink polka dot number. Perfect for everyday wear.

My sister-in-law was nagged encouraged to try on a funny grey pill box number.

Me, I had my eye on this red concoction. Isn't it ME?

Everyone but me had lunch at the little cafe. I had eaten breakfast late and didn't really want anything but water. But everyone said the food was good.

The Girl took a couple of photos of the city walking back to the car. It was just so pretty out, how can you not?

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Blogger Erin said...

Ooh, I love the glass. You can tell from the picture that it's amazing. I thought that the hat on the woman in front of the hat sign was... interesting. Nothing i'd wear, but definitely artistic. What a fun event to attend. I wish we had something similar here. *sigh*

3/4/06 9:52 PM  
Blogger Belinda said...

Again: Children=Beautiful. They so are. I love The Girl's smile; you can always see her spirit in it. The Boy's machismo is interfering with his, a bit, but he is muy macho! ;-)

Also love the leather. And that red hat? Dr. Suess.

7/4/06 2:58 AM  

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