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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


If I didn't hear it with my own ears, I'd say it was impossible. But listen up, peeps, because I'm going to tell you about a WONDERFUL teacher in our school system.

Now, pick yourselves up off the floor and listen to this! I know, it's really shocking after months of me complaining nonstop about the middle school experience. But sometimes life just turns out to be completely different than you expect, or something equally as vapid.

The phone rings, and the Boy answers it because the Girl isn't allowed to use the phone anymore, and I was "occupied". I hear him chatting away, talking about what he's doing this week, times he's busy, etc. and I ASSume that he's talking to his guitar teacher.

But no, he's not. His Latin teacher called to volunteer to help him with his Romulous paper. She CALLED HIM. Out. Of. The. Blue. To volunteer to HELP. She is a Goddess amongst the Gods. This, my friends, is what being a teacher is about. This is a woman that gets what her job is, that wants to help kids having problems, to encourage, and to go beyond her job description.

So, hats WAY WAY off to Mrs. Langston for being the kind of teacher I love and admire. The kind of teacher I was way back when I was teacher, and the kind of teacher I believes a huge raise in pay just because she cares and wants the best for her students.

You hear that, certain middle school teachers? The difference between you and this high school teacher:

She encourages
You discourage
She sees the best in students
You see the worst
She uses her vacation to help
Lord only knows what you're doing, but it's not helping
She understands her job is to teach
You collect a paycheck and complain bitterly
She LIKES her students
You spurt hatred from every pore

Go Latin!
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