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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Art is rampant today

My city has a yearly weekend event where all the artists in town open their homes for a large open studios tour. All the sites are clearly marked with signs and red balloons, and a map of all the sites, plus a small description of all the artwork to be shown is available throughout the city prior to the event, and is also available at each stop on the tour. This year there were over 160 artists exhibiting in 61 different locations. Plenty to see and do, and to keep you busy all afternoon.

Yesterday the Girl and I went to a couple of the sites and those definately whet our appetites to see more great art. This morning she woke me up insistantly and off we went to explore various neighborhoods to see the art. We had 4 stops we knew we wanted to visit, and then there were a few more that we thought we might visit if we had time.

First stop was a large 1960's ranch-style home, where there were 7 artists showing their work. The Girl loved the paintings of artist Marcia Cooper, whose home it was. She was graceful and outgoing and helpful as she talked to the Girl and gave her some tips about painting the human form. her husband Jeff Rosenberg does beautiful stained glass, and we very much enjoyed his work. Other artists exhibited figure and portrait sculptures, mixed media paintings, printmaking, beads and fibre art. Still a tad hungover, I forgot that I had the camera with me and didn't take any photos at this location. Sorry.

Next we hit the JCC, where 28 different artist were exhibiting paintings, ceramics, glass, and various other mediums.

One of the artists made collages out of old international postage stamps, and then digitized them into prints. They were pretty unusual.

At this site I found a painter that I admired so much. Sometimes you find an artist whose works just speak to you, and this particular artist was shouting to me. I loved her work and if I had disposable income I would have bought several paintings.

A delightful elderly Russian sculptor had a couple of sculptures of his poodle, and again, had I the money they would have been in the mail tomorrow to Belinda. I loved them!

Some interesting ceramics, and some more interesting portraits of children. Very cute and this artist works from photos. I wish I could have found her years ago when my kids were babies.

Of course, some of the artwork was amaturish and not to my taste, but the artists were so friendly and willing to chat that it really didn't much matter.

Next stop was a lovely house in the centre of town. I think there were 7 artists exhibiting there, and we had a great time chatting them up.

First stop was a really cool exhibit of mosaic glass mirrors, frames, and decorative plates. This artist does amazing backsplashes, which I've seen in a friend's house.

One guy worked in fused glass and he sold a lot of little cheese and cracker trays made out of old melted bottles. They were selling like hotcakes.

He also did some nice fused glass trays that I liked.

The owner of the house made the most adorable fabric tote bags and small purse totes. We love them all, but there was no way to choose a favorite. I was partial to the sushi one, and the Girl was big on the polka dots.

An artist there made the most adorable 3-dimensional invitations and note cards. They were so cute and I could have bought out her entire stock. Her b'nai mitzvah invitations were great.

Our last stop was the Newton Art Center, which is a gallery all year round, but opens up for the sale with 13 different artists showing this year. Two very wonderful photographers, one that does b&w, the other digital color were highlights. Some stuff wasn't that great.

Remember that house I posted about maybe a month ago, the bright Victorian with the garish paint job? Well, the Girl spotted this photo and said, "That's from the house on xxxxx Street." I looked and she was right. You can see the house in the reflection at the bottom photo. Sharp eyes, that one!
In the gallery there was the strangest installation. I didn't get it, but it was about the 14 Stations of the Cross, with a basis on some Mexican children's game that I hadn't ever heard of, with the devil, and umbrellas, and hearts and little bunches. I read the artist's explanation twice and I was still a bit bleary. But it was pretty cool looking.

And now, I'm so freaking tired I don't know if I can stay awake thru Desperate Housewives.

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Blogger David said...

what a great tour! Thank you - and your daughter is lovely also.

22/5/06 8:59 AM  

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