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Monday, May 22, 2006

Freeloaders, my ass!

Like many of you out there in the USA, we have a MIX radio station in town. I don't much like the music as it's pretty bland and popish for my taste, but when the kids are in the car, it's the one radio station we all can agree to tolerate, so it's on the pushbuttons.

MIX has this program, called Freeloaders, where you join up and give them information about yourself in exchange for 'points' which you can use to 'win' prizes. They change the prizes fairly often, and people do occasionally appear to win things. The prizes range from politically incorrect trips to Aruba to kids DVDs and tickets to concerts you have no interest in attending. But every once in a while they have a prize that you want.

Right now, they have two tickets to tomorrow's Red Sox-Yankees game at Fenway Park. You get the tickets, hats, a cooler, and some other stuff, all of which has Red Sox logos on them. Me, I just want the damn tickets. And that's where my incredibly infuration comes in. You did note that I said the game is TOMORROW, right? Well, checking the time, it's actually today in less than 18 hours.

For the past 3 days we have had the site up 24/7 and have checked it almost every minute all through the weekend. The Boy stayed home from all weekend activities to check the site and purchase the tickets. We've got way more than enough points. We're ready to roll. We only need one thing.

FUCKING MIX, would you PLEASE PUT THE TICKETS UP? It drives me absolutely NUTS that they wait till the very last second, and then they may or may not even have the tickets. We don't know. We'll never know. What I DO know is that most people can't just change their plans to hit the ballpark after leaving work to pick up the tickets at the other end of town. For me, both the station and Fenway are close to where I live, but to get tickets means that I have to pick them up in Brighton, then pick up the Boy, put on our red sox clothing, get on the T, and get to Fenway in time for the game. It's almost idiotic. No, not almost. It IS idiotic that those tickets haven't come on sale yet.

People quit being freeloaders because they can never spend their damn points. The stuff comes up for sale at very weird times, and let's face it, most of it is total crap. Maybe it's just me, but a copy of Walter the Farting Dog isn't of interest to my family. Offer something good, I'm all for trying to win. But if you offer something, then make it available for sale. Let people at least have a chance at the merchandise you're pushing. Don't fake them out with prizes that they want, and then have them marked 'sold out' when they were never up for bid in the first place. Stop cheating your freeloaders, folks.

If you offer Red Sox tickets, put them up for bid at a reasonable hour and make sure that someone gets a chance to bid on them. But don't have 'coming soon' marked on the offer only hours before the event. It makes you look like lying scum. Oh, what's that you say? You ARE lying scum? Yeah, I kinda figured that.

Update: 1 pm and the tickets still aren't up for bidding. I think I was right by saying that they didn't exist. That makes me SO mad. Scumbags.

Second Update: It's 5:15 pm and as I predicted, the tickets never came up at all. They still say Coming Soon. What a crock. False Advertising. Total and complete scumbags, the MIX people. I called the station to ask about the tickets. Funny thing, couldn't talk to a real person. Geesh, I wonder why?
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