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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's a dog's life

Every few months our local weekly rag includes a picture supplement called Good Life. Yeah, it's one of those supplements filled with things you don't really need that cost a fortune and make you think there's obviously something wrong with the way you live your life because you don't have an outdoor kitchen complete with woodburning pizza oven and stainless steel appliances topped with thick granite countertops.

Today's newspaper brought another version of this supplement, and this was the best yet. I have such serious dog envy after reading through this little magazine. You can't possibly imagine. OK, maybe you need some pictures to help you imagine.

This is a dog house for the urban junkyard dog. It's cute, it's usable and most pooches would love a home like this. But it's Soooooooo not hip for the pooches in our fair city.

I can't imagine a suburban dog liking that doghouse when, for pennys more (OK, thousands and thousands of dollars more) he can have a doggie mansion custom built to match your own mansion.

These doghouses include electricity, but some models have air conditioning, marble floors, plumbing, and surround sound. This is nicer than where we live, and so much cheaper. If only I weren't so tall, I'd be moving into this chateau. Preferably with the Swiss Mountain Dog. Isn't he adorable? All he needs is a whisky keg around his neck and I'd be in lurv.

Note the copper roof details, hardwood floors, furnishings, etc. Now be honest, doesn't your Fido deserve his own manse in your back garden?

Check out the interior of one house. Natural sunlight is oh so important to the chic dog on the prowl. Can't you just see Lady and Tramp living here happily ever after?

The doghouse illustrated in our supplement was a Spanish hacienda style with red tile roof, lovely wrought iron lamps to light the exterior door, and flower pots hanging from the upstairs windows. It also has 2 porches on either side of the doorway, for poochie to be outside, but not to ruin his coat with a vicious sunburn. The interior is astounding, with a large front hall carpeted with a lovely oriental, a large copper urn, pictures on the wall, and furnishings. Unfortunately, I couldn't find pics of this house online. Darn, you would have loved it.

If I were living in a house like this, I'd demand this bed.

Or maybe this one.

And for my kitty friend, I think this one would be great.

Of course, if the cat is Siamese, this bed would be more appropriate. Matching food stations are a must for this pampered cat. Meow!

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Blogger jane said...

My gosh, I'd be happy living in one of those houses! I thought maybe you'd like to see these homes, they're for orphaned pot belly pigs :0) *oink*

3/5/06 11:38 PM  
Blogger BSumner said...

See in Boston, or at least in the Northwest Burbs where I live, we'd be taxed on those dog houses.
I'd really hate to have to charge my two cocker spaniels rent.

4/5/06 12:24 AM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

Wow, my dogs get on my nerves so much but I can't bear to throw them outside. They can be so annoying I just might be willing to dish out hundreds of thousands of dollars for them to have their private mansion. I'd feel less guilty about kicking them out.

(I love my dogs. I swear.)

4/5/06 9:02 AM  
Blogger Ellen said...

I must have that green dog bed. I don't have a dog anymore, but I must have it.

5/5/06 8:41 AM  

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