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Sunday, May 14, 2006

No, I'm not drowning and other stuff

We've got to be the only people in this state that haven't had something float away. Living on top of a large hill does have it's problems in winter, but we rarely have a flooding problem. All our water goes right down the hill into the street and probably flows into some poor shlub's house that lives on lower ground. Everyone else seems to be flooded out or dealing with leaky roofs. We've had 10 inches of rain in the past 24 hours and it isn't stopping any time soon. Five days ago, the 10 day forecast said we would have 10 days of rain. Tonight, the 10 day forecast says we're going to have ten more days of rain. I am wondering if getting a canoe might be a good idea.

People are taking the rain with some sense of humor, but it's getting very very annoying. I think not seeing the sun is hard enough, but day after day of driving rain can make a mentally healthy person think about suicide. We're not there yet, but my kids are both acting like jerks and begging to stay home. The Boy pitched a major fit tonight when told to take out the garbage. It was overreacting at it's best, and yet he couldn't stop himself and even came back for another round a few minutes later. My oh my.


Mother's Day went as expected. I was awakened around 11:00 with pancakes, which we all ate in my bed. The kids made cute cards for me, and the Girl bought me a nice new coffee mug that says "Mom Needs Coffee" on it. She said it came filled with candy, but I never saw the candy. I'm not surprised by this. The Boy, as usual, made absolutely no effort to help in any way, complained when he was asked to make a pot of french press, and basically acted like a pill most of the day. Both kids let me read and then go back to sleep, so I literally spent the whole day in bed, which is just what I wanted and needed. My ankles are now a regular size and shape, after almost two weeks of horribly painful swelling. I just needed a day in bed to get back to normal. I feel so much better now, well rested and not filled with bloat.


The Girl and her friend went to downtown Boston's City Hall on Saturday Night to attend the 2006 Bagly Prom (Boston Area Gay Lesbian Youth). Her friend is bi, and the Girl went to lend support to other gay kids she knows. She had a blast. She said it was the most fun she's ever had at a party, and there were no drugs and no alcohol, and there were thousands of kids from all over the city in attendance. Mumbles Menino, the Mayor of Boston, sang a song, and she reported he sounded like kermit the frog. I'm gonna give her that one.

Before the prom, there was an annual Youth Pride March in the pouring rain. Gay-Straight Alliances from all over the state and some from New Hampshire came to march in a downpour, and the pics here show what a great time they had.

I was exceptionally proud of the Girl for asking to attend this event, and for her bravery in going. She was younger than most of the kids, and it didn't even occur to her than she might be talked about negatively if she went. When I talked to her about it today, she shrugged that all off telling me that she could hold her own, and yes, I believe she can.


Television comments: The last episode of West Wing left me sobbing. It's no surprise to any longtime reader of this blog that I love this show. Even after it jumped the shark a few years back, I couldn't give it up. I'm a hopeless political junkie and I have wished and prayed for a president like Josiah Bartlett. What we've got now, not quite the same, is he? Just when I was about to give up on the show, they introduced my true love Jimmy Smits as a presidential candidate, and then tonight as the newest president of the United States. Watching Bartlett sign Toby's pardon, and then opening Mallory's gift from the now deceased Leo brought me to apoplectic tears. I'm such a complete softy when it comes to this show.

BUT... even to the end, the fact checker screwed up on the way Haverhill is pronounced. It is NOT Have-er-hill. It has never been pronounced like that. It is Hay-vrill. Drives me nuts when they mention towns in our state and can't even discover how to pronounce them. Leominster is NOT Le-o-min-ster. It is Lem-in-stah. Worchester is not Wor-Ches-Ter. It is Wus-tah. Medford is not Med-ford. It is Meh-Fah. Get it right, Hollywood.

Ist part of the Gray's Anatomy season finale? Oy vey! Izzy is playing with fire, I tell you. With fire. Can't wait to see how Christina reacts to the shooting. Can't wait to see how Dr Dreamy reacts to Meredith. Loved how Dr Bailey told off that idjit restaurant manager. That was funny. Tomorrow we have two more hours of Gray's Anatomy. Can't wait for that.

I recorded Survivor to watch another time, but I did switch channels a couple of times and caught who won. As long as it wasn't Terry, I'm happy. I did catch the whole bit with Shane talking about quitting smoking and going nuts, etc. That was great. He's absolutely bonkers, but I like him. The Blackberry thing turned me into a fan. He is so nuts but so likable. I'll watch the show later on this week.
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Blogger nita said...

i totally love that your Girl is so strong at such a young age. the fact that the Boy ate pancakes in bed with you *totally* tips his hand about how crazy he is for you, pill action aside ;)

happy mom's day. mommy, git your gun :)

15/5/06 7:26 AM  
Blogger Courtney said...

Your daughter's friend needs more friends like your daughter. Good for her. I was the GSA advisor for my high school last year, and it was a fantastic experience.

15/5/06 3:55 PM  
Blogger WendyWings said...

Just swinging by to say hi and do some catch up reading. I have been out of commission for a few days.
Ciao for now :)

15/5/06 5:24 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

Meh-Fah!!! HA!! If I recall isn't that Mumbles hometown?
Also I live in Lem-in-stah and was born in Conk-erd, not Con-Cord. From there I lived in May-nerd not May-Nard the rest of my life. That is such a pet-peeve of mine too...LOL! Also the fake Boston accents piss me off to no end! Puh-lease! My most favorite spoof on Boston accents however, were the skits on SNL that Jimmy Fallon used to do....'Nomah!' LOL

16/5/06 6:26 AM  
Blogger Grop-land said...

Actually, most residents of Medford who have the accent say "Medfid". "Meffah" is more of a dumb urban myth.

11/5/07 1:11 PM  

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