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Monday, May 08, 2006

Sunday in the garden with the Boy

It was a beautiful day today in the neighborhood, and as we agreed, the Boy and I spent a few hours working in our sorely neglected garden. Last year we had no clue as to what was going to come up, so we just basically left it as is. This year I know what needs to be done, and how much effort I have to expend to make it look like someone cares for it.

The Boy and I agreed that he would do some heavy work and I'd pay him for the work her performed. Like most kids his age, he has no clue of what real physical work means, and the fool agreed to my offer with no bargaining. I bet that doesn't happen again.

First thing that needed to be done was to define the edges of the 4 beds that make up our perennial garden. I don't think the garden has been edged in many many years, which makes for very confusing mowing lines. This means the guy that mows the lawn will often mow down plants in the garden. That's not acceptable to me. So edge we did.

The Boy did 4 of the 8 needed edges. He worked hard, and he spent a good amount of time either complaining that his back hurts, or that it was too hot, or that the work as too hard, or that he was tired, or or or or. But he did the work, and that's a major accomplishment for him.

While he was edging, I was planting the herbs and some annuals in my large pots I keep by the back door. I grow herbs in containers to ensure that they're easy to use in the kitchen. I've got chives, rosemary, basils, lavender, lemon balm, parsey, and thyme so far. I'm still looking for some greek oregano. I also put a cherry tomato plant in a container, because we usually eat those right off the plant, like they're candy. They don't usually ever make it into the house!

Then I prepared a long bed for the main tomato garden. I'm putting in romas, early girl, and big boy. I haven't yet looked for any of the older varieties, but I'll try and find at least one or two heirlooms. The Girl loves the yellow ones.

I had to spread a couple of inches of new topsoil, and then add some cow manure. I'll get the seedlings in maybe on Tuesday, as I have meetings all day on Monday.

The Boy picked up the clumps from the edging he got done, and cleaned up some of one bed. He also spent a lot of time thinking of how he was going to spend his newly earned money. There is still a lot to do, maybe another 6 hours worth of work.

By the end of the gardening session my feet were so swollen I couldn't even find my ankles. I know there are some bones in there somewhere. This is what my stupid heart does that makes me so nuts. I hate hate hate the edema.

Here are photos of my azeleas I mentioned last week. The big one started blooming today. It is over 7 feet high and round. It's really enormous.

The smaller red ones aren't shaped, but the color is spectacular. They are just beautiful.

Lastly, here is a nice mountain laurel that grows on the side of the house. Pretty, huh?

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