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Monday, May 08, 2006

Want vs Need

I wrote this huge long post with lots of pictures and was just polishing off the last sentence when the power went off. This is the third power outtage this weekend. I'm still incredibly pissed off. That damn post took me over an hour to write. So I'm splitting it up into two smaller posts, starting with this one.


After spending several hours gardening with the Boy, the Girl arrived home from babysitting and asked if we could go return some summer clothing I had bought her that didn't fit quite right. I agreed since we needed a break, and off we went to the local sporting goods store. The Girl returned her shorts and T's, and bought a pair of Puma's for herself. I got them both new Red Sox shirts, the Girl choosing Coco Crisp and the Boy wanted David Ortiz. We got her some new shorts and t's and then paid and left.

Next stop was a store favorite of ours, Newbury Comics. For once I remembered the camera and I've always wanted to take some photos of some of our current faves from this store.

The Boy is really in his element here. He loves looking at the Xbox games, DVDs, and of course the CDs. He's also big on the posters, books, and t-shirts.

Hard to choose between Moses or Frankenstein, eh? These are just two disperate examples of the great and highly weird toys they offer in this store. Today I wanted to buy the Girl a Chia Homer Simpson, but she wasn't interested. She's so lame.

The Girl loves the clothing, belts and accessories, and the games and toys.

I'm extremely fond of the lunch boxes.

These are what I want for Mother's Day. The whole collection. OK, maybe not the Jesus one, because that's a bit irreverent for me, but I cannot possibly live much longer without my Jane Austin action figure. I NEED it.

But I also like the rubber duckies.

The Girl has been hankering for this 'shroom for a while now. It's actually a little stool.

I love looking at all the buttons and bumper stickers. They are decidely anti-Bush and they have some really funny ones. I usually end up buying a bumper sticker for a friend who has no shame about papering the whole back of her car with stickers.

This cutout of Curt Shilling pitching would look great standing in a corner of my bedroom.

This mannequin's shirt is directed at Johnny Damon. It's pretty good, eh?

We had a good time, I got the new PINK CD, which the Girl has already absconded with. Figures.
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Blogger Tracy said...

I love the Johnny Damon tee! HA! I also LOVE Newbury Comics. I have issues with that store... I have to remind myself that I am not 16 years old anymore and NO I can't buy every pin that applies to my personality because it doesn't look to cool to cover yourself with them when you are almost 30 years old... LOL!

As always, The Boy and The Girl are so freaking adorable. It must be so fun to have a teen boy AND girl! (No, I really mean it!)

9/5/06 6:13 AM  

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