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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another great day for the Boy

After yesterday's big surprise, his award for Student of the Year, today was the Boy's IEP meeting. It was the first meeting where he was old enough to attend and to have input. He did really well, expressing himself carefully and concisely, and letting all the adults know that he had some ideas that were a tad bit radical. He took praise and criticism well, promised to work on improving two different goals that he tends to let fall by the wayside as unimportant, and actually agreed to consider doing some outside sports this summer. He's already signed up for sailing, and he'll be doing pickup basketball and volleyball at the teen center nearby, but otherwise he really refused to do anything organized. I think that was a bad choice, but I couldn't convince him otherwise. However, a couple of the professionals at the meeting got him to agree to consider doing the town soccer league, and he said he would if we could find one that was open.

I'm so proud of this kid. Two years ago he was a complete wreck and needed a huge amount of support and aid. Last summer he was transitioning between his old school program and high school, and spent a goodly amount of time worrying about how to fit in when he's so much younger than all the other kids. But fit in he did. The kids like him a lot, even the seniors became his friends. In the IEP meeting his housemaster told how other kids tend to seek him out for advice and for a compelling discussion interspersed with great humor. He made great friends with one kid who is almost 16, and this boy spent many afternoons at our house, and the Boy at his house. It's been so long since he had a good friend. His friends when he was younger were always causing trouble and have mostly turned to druggies, just as I had assumed they would. The Boy doesn't really want to have anything to do with them because he does not want to get involved in drugs at all. He is cognizant that with his medications, drugs and alcohol could be a significant disaster, and could even cause death. He has told his friends that do smoke pot or do other drugs that he doesn't, and doesn't want to be around it, and they seem to actually respect that. Can you imagine being that brave at 13 to say to a friend, "I'm not getting involved in drugs so can you not do them around me"? That's just amazingly brave to me.

The meeting ended with a decent first draft IEP, and I think next year will be just as successful as this year was. Here's hoping we get another repeat performance of every term on the honor roll and Student of the Year. It's going to look damn good on those college applications. Harvard, here we come!

(no, not really, but it never hurts to hope)
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Blogger ribbiticus said...

congratulations to the boy for his award. he did really good. kudos should go to you for raising him up well. :)

3/6/06 2:45 PM  

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