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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Do you have days like this?

Days when you wish you played the lottery so you could win the lottery and just get the hell outta dodge?

Who would have thought that middle school graduation would take more effort (and money) than when I got my grad school degrees? Who would have thought that the trauma would be so magnified as the end of the school year approaches? And lastly, who would have thought that everyone around me seems to be having a nervous breakdown and needs to be locked up for a few days of rest and relaxation?

I'm fine. It is just the rest of the world that's gone nuts.

I had to actually go out and buy a new outfit for graduation. My old clothes are way too big and I haven't bought one new thing other than blogging t'shirts in years. But there was no way I was showing up at Alpha-Mom's R Us to watch my kid graduate in a ripped old t'shirt and shorts. Not that I didn't consider it, but even I have my limits. I got one of those crinkle skirts in aqua and brown, my new favorite color combination, and a brown tank top to match. I'll wear my brown slide sandals, and I'll even carry a purse, not my usual backpack. Yup, I'm a grownup now!

I don't know what the heck I can do with my hair to make it look normal, never mind decent. We're going on 2 years without a cut or color. It's now about 10" of salt and pepper gray in the front, with a nice whitish streak on the side, and much darker in the back. Then, there's another 6 or so inches of brown, and after that, another 4 or 5 inches of auburn. I know skunks with better hair color than I have. I might just bite the bullet and cut off the auburn layer and most of the brown layer. The gray is just long enough to put back in a pony tail, but it isn't long enough for much else. I just don't know.

I will, however, get a pedicure tomorrow, as my toenails will show and need to look delightfully decadent. I'm thinking bronze.

I did do another, much better trim of the Boy's hair today. It looks WAY better than it did, and even he begrudgingly agreed. Tomorrow I trim the Girl's hair. Life sure is busy around here.
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Blogger Erin said...

Alpha Moms-R-Us. Freaky. But probably good for your kids.

I desperately want a pedicure, but can't justify the expense. It just never looks the same when I do it at home, though.

Good luck with the hair on all fronts - haircuts freak me out.

21/6/06 2:24 AM  
Blogger itazurakko said...

If you can barely get the grey into a ponytail if that was the only hair left, perhaps cut off only the bottom color (or not?) and put a scrunchy tie holding the ponytail together right at the changeover from grey to brown?

Disclaimer: I work in IT, am told I have no sense of style, think t-shirts are grand, and have short hair (also going grey), so YMMV of course...!

21/6/06 6:22 PM  

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