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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hollow leg syndrome

Teenage boys eat a lot. There is no other way to say it. They pack in amazing amounts of food and then they come back for more. When you have one living in your house, you can expect your food bill to almost double once they hit their growth spurt. Which scares the crap out of me because the Boy really hasn't hit the big growth spurt yet, and he is eating me out of house and home.

I started trying to accomodate him by making larger and larger amounts of dinner, so that he could eat leftovers during the day. For example, last night I made a chicken curry dinner. There were 4 people eating, all teens or adults. I used 7 whole chicken breasts, cut into cubes, 3 large potatos cut into cubes, 1 lb of whole creen beans, and 2 cups of dry jasmin rice. You would think that was enough to feed a small army unit, right? But no... there was hardly anything left over, even with all those carbs. The rice was demolished. The chicken gone. Left was maybe a 1 person lunch size serving of the potatos and green beans. Guess who is eating that right now, as a before dinner snack?

He tends to get hungry around 5, and eats a large snack, like a sandwich or leftovers. Then we have dinner around 7:30, which is when the rest of us want to eat. He eats a full dinner, and then about an hour later will cook up a full pack of Annies Mac & Cheese or a bowl of ramen. Then he can go about another hour before he needs a 'snack'. Ice cream? He'll eat 1/4 gallon in one sitting if I'd let him. Tortilla chips and salsa? He's been known to eat an entire bag of chips in one gulp, plus a good sized bowl of salsa. Sometimes after that snack, he needs a second snack, like popcorn or maybe a piece of melon. The Boy does love cantelope.

Think about it. How much would a day of feeding him cost?

Breakfast: 2 HUGE bowls of HoneyNut Cheerios and milk
Lunch: turkey sandwich on baguette with salad, pickle, fruit
Before dinner snack: Ramen or leftovers or a fluffernutter
Dinner1: chicken or fish entree, veg, carb
Dinner 2: Mac&Cheese
Dinner 3: buffalo chicken wings
Snack 1: pudding
Snack 2: ice cream
Snack 3: chips and salsa
Snack 4: fruit or bagel and cream cheese

And then there are the grazing snacks, like dry cheerios out of the box, nuts, raisins, and sometimes odd things like gefilte fish w/ horseradish and pickles. He does love pickles!

That's a typical day of food for the Boy. How much crazier can it get? Should I start stocking up on the Costco restaurant sizes just to keep up with him?

Honestly, I can't understand how he packs it all in that body. He's as thin as a rail, and he just keeps eating and eating and eating. So I'm going with the hollow leg theory. I just can't quite figure it out, otherwise.

Plus, there's the "can I have a bite" syndrome whenever anybody else eats anything. That's a big crowd pleaser with his sister. And the sky is deep green.
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Blogger jennypenny said...

Oh my gosh. I remember my brother was like that when he was a teen too. Rest assured that this can't go on forever. Hope you can afford the grocery bills until then!

Here from Michele's

4/6/06 8:16 PM  
Blogger bobealia said...

Over here from Michele's.
I am a girl and it happened to me when I was a teen - except it started when I was in grade 3 and didn't stop until I was 16. My mom was sure I had a worm at one point (at least that is what she said). I remember eating an entire bag of oranges in one day when i was 7. I remember eating an entire box of crackers, a brick of cheese and a whole bottle of olives after school every day when I was about 13.
I just hope for you sake that his sister doesn't get a hollow leg too.

4/6/06 9:04 PM  
Blogger NotSoccer Mom said...

oh i WISH my son would eat like that! he'll be 7 next month, weighs 36 lbs and is 43" tall. all i can say is i'm glad he's not LOSING weight. i'm going to start hiding protein powder in his food. good luck on not going broke!~

5/6/06 12:04 PM  

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