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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I feel kind of stupid

Would you consider me to be a complete sap if I admitted that I miss the Girl already? She's only been gone 10 hours and I'm fighting back the tears. I know this is silly, she's gone to camp for at least a month every summer since she was 9. I'm used to it. But this departure was a big different for us, and maybe that's why I'm feeling so blue.

First, we didn't know for sure whether she was in or not until late last week. So everything was a real dash to get ready. Then, this morning when we arrived at the bus she was crestfallen not to see anyone she expected to see. Of course, the bus isn't the whole camp, most parents chose to drive up to Maine rather than spend the money on the bus, so we don't really know who is going to actually be attending or not. But there was a clique of huggy girls her age and not one of them gave her even a backwards glance, and I think that scared her. She sort of shut down, and that's not usual for her, and then she started making negative comments about some of the people there. One girl was someone she's known since preschool, but she wouldn't even go over and say "hello". She sat like a lump on the curb and looked miserable.

This isn't like her at all, so it broke my heart. I know she'll be fine. She's such a social kid that she can't go one sulking for more than a few hours before she starts making friends. But that was my last glimpse of my baby girl for a month, and that's the face I'm going to remember.

And here come the tears.
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Blogger David said...

a whole month? I do not know how you can do it. Mine goes for a week the end of this month, and she always comes home more grown up! Peace to you!

1/7/06 11:00 AM  

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