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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just one of those crazy days

Maybe it's the rain. After all, it's been raining for something like 5 weeks, and this is the third bout of serious flooding in the Boston area. That much rain can really depress even the sunniest disposition. Maybe it's that school is almost over, which means finals week is coming up, and the kids are starting to panic. Maybe it's that I'm so busy right now that I don't have the energy to mediate the constant sniping at each other. Or maybe it's that my temper has shortened to such a degree that if a pin drops I'm ready to start shooting. It could be a combination of all of the above, but tonight I really thought I'd murder both of them. I honestly didn't think I could take one more second of two reasonably sound, almost adults bickering about everything from the color of the sky to who has worse finals. Really guys, life isn't a competition.

Tonight, for the first time in I can't even remember how long, I sent the Boy upstairs for a time out. By the time your kids reach their teens, time outs really aren't the discipline of choice. But I just couldn't look at him another minute without having murder in my eyes. He was relentless. He interrupted every single sentence I uttered at dinner. He told me how to cook things, what I was doing wrong, and how I could improve. Smart ass stuff guaranteed to push my buttons. And then he went after the Girl with such a vengence that I really wanted to strangle him. I could feel the bile rising, so I gave myself a bit of a time out hiding in the bathroom. But I could still hear him. At one point he had gone so far over the edge that I told him he had a half hour upstairs and if he argued, every word out of his mouth would be another 15 minutes. So what did he do? He argued! About arguing. "When did I argue?" he argued! Gack!

And then he caught himself and even he had to laugh because it was just so over the top. Upstairs he went, evidentally watching the clock because the second his time was up he came bounding down the stairs for round two.

Unfortunately for him, I wasn't having any round two. All the time he was upstairs it was peaceful and quiet downstairs. The Girl was reading and I was replacing all the work I had lost today from the three power outages we had at the worst of the storm. Oh, maybe THAT is why I'm in such a foul mood. Anyhow, he comes down and immediately starts in. He wants Oreos, and he wants to eat them in the living room. Not gonna happen in my lifetime, bud. Arguments ensue and I told him that he couldn't speak one more word, period. Not a sound.

In the meantime, the Girl, to get back at him, picks up his charging cell phone and starts playing snake on it. He's seething, but he can't say anything or he's off to bed. This was pure torture, but he really did earn it. He finally worked off his time, said some completely nasty and mean things to the Girl, and was shunted off to bed at an early hour, protesting the whole time. I told him to take his cell phone and play snake on his own time in his room, but he was sooooo done with the rest of society.

He leaves and goes immediately to sleep. Oh, I guess he was just tired and we all had to suffer. Then the Girl falls asleep on the sofa. She's tired too. Hmmm...

It's kinda like when they were three and would just drop from exhaustion after hours of driving me insane. Hump day indeed.

It's gotta be better tomorrow. Oh shit, it's not gonna be. She's got no school, he's got a half day. Please, rescue me!
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