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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Motivating the Worthless Pet

Ringo, our cat, isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. He has little interest in anything other than sleeping and eating. OK, he's a cat, and what can doesn't like sleeping and eating? That's what they live for, right? But some cats do amazing things. They wake up their owners if there is a fire, they scare off intruders, they hunt things larger than themselves, and sometimes they even let their owners pick them up and give them a cuddle. I know, can you imagine that?

Worthless Pet does like one other thing. He likes to go outside. I don't know what he does outside because we rarely see him out there. He tends to walk down every paved pathway checking out the neighborhood, even beyond our large plot of heaven. What I do know is that he is usually around to welcome anyone who drives up, and he has no issue with anything unusual or odd coming to visit, as long as it isn't a (gasp) D. O. G.. If one of those scary creatures comes a calling, Worthless Pet scampers inside and refuses to go out for days.

So, I have a feeling that if we are invaded by something like this guy, Worthless Pet is going to live up to his name. No way can I see him treeing something like this, and then waiting for animal rescue to come and get the poor thing down from a tree.

But you gotta wonder just what this guy's mommy taught him if he's so scared of a freaking orange cat. Too funny!
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Blogger Wystful1 said...

HI!! I'm just perusing the Blogging Chicks Blogroll and came upon yours...your worthless pet entry is a hoot!! I enjoyed it a lot. Yet, I'm a cat lover and I know just where you're coming from on this.

Hope to see you soon for a visit with me.

12/6/06 8:18 AM  

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