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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Now they've gone too damn far

Some things are just sacred and you don't touch them. You respect them for what they are, because they're a rite of childhood. The fluffernutter is one of those things. It's a New England tradition, it's a sandwich that may not be healthy, but it's so delicious, so sticky sweet, so cloying with marshmallow goodness that who really cares if it's good for you?

Some moron in the Massachusetts State legislature has decided to care. Outraged that his son was served peanut butter and Marshmallow Fluff sandwiches at a Cambridge elementary school, state Senator Jarrett T. Barrios, a Democrat, said he will offer an amendment to a junk-food bill this week that would severely limit the serving of marshmallow spreads in school lunch programs statewide. "A Fluff sandwich as the main course of a nutritious lunch just doesn't fly in 2006," Barrios said. "It seems a little silly to have an amendment on Fluff, but it's called for by the silliness of schools offering this as a healthy alternative in the first place."

Mr. Barrios apparently has nothing better to do than to criticize a sandwich. With all the things going on in our state, why not pick on a sandwich instead of health care, failing welfare reform, DSS cutbacks, and the frightening rise in violent crime. Because, after all, a sandwich is so much more important.

It isn't as if there are no lunch alternatives served in school cafeterias across the state. There are plenty of healthy hot meals served, salads offered, fruits and veggies, but no... Barrios has decided that one small part of the school lunch program should be considered evil and must be stopped. Apparently he's never bothered to eat a fluffernutter with his son Nathaniel. Obviously he has no clue as to the depths one will go to in order to get real Marshmallow Fluff, which is not available nationwide. Seemingly, he has not talked to children and parents in his district before he raised such a ruckus about this delightful sandwich.

I was raised in southern California by a Bostonian father and a Brooklyn mother. My father was a fluffernutter expert, a gourmet in fluff, as it were. Fluff in the 1960's was certainly not widely available outside of New England, so when he traveled to this region, or had friends or colleagues who were traveling to New England, Fluff was always in the suitcase on the way home. I think my mother found Marshmallow Creme in the grocery store in LA once, but it wasn't Fluff and my father was unimpressed.

Now, it has to be said that I don't like peanut butter. In fact, it totally grosses me out. The smell makes me slightly nauseated. I never touch the stuff....unless it's in a fluffernutter. That's the only way I'll touch peanutbutter. So I have a reason to decry the banning of the sandwich. As a kid, if they had only offered PB&J as the alternative sandwich, I would have gone hungry. It's bad enough that peanut butter isn't allowed in elementary schools anymore, but now we're going after Fluff? How dare they? Ban Fluff? Them's fighting words!
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Blogger Courtney said...

Fluff is a fat-free food. The peanut butter is actually worse for the kid in that respect.

20/6/06 10:41 AM  
Blogger Belinda said...

Bleah. Pure hydrogenated fat and sugar in the PB, and sugar and cow-hooves in the Fluff...YUMMM. Not that I can afford to be a food-snob, with the things I eat. My only use for Marshmallow Fluff is as an ingredient in the bomb-diggetyest fruit dip you ever tasted in your life. But the only time I ever got sick from candy was from a kind of divinity made from MF and PB. So that combination is a no-go for me, and I had NO idea that people ate it in sandwich form!

20/6/06 7:51 PM  
Blogger BSumner said...

My husband suggested sending thank you letters to him... for apparently fixing everything else in the state and having nothing left to do except fix the fluffanutter sandwich.

(that sounds really good too... off to make some lunch)

21/6/06 9:54 AM  
Blogger Carmi said...

Politicos always seem to pick the dumbest fights. How sad...

At least now I have learned about a delicious sandwich. Must try one...

25/6/06 9:18 PM  

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