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Monday, June 26, 2006

Papi: A legend in the making

Have you been watching Big Papi this summer? The man, he is amazing. He puts the clutch in clutch hitter. He makes a walk-off look like the easiest thing evah. His smile, it's like the sun is shining. When he hits those bases after another homer, he tosses his batting helmet because his teammates in the dugout hit him on the head so hard, he fears a concussion. They love him as much as I do.

David (Big Papi) Ortiz lives in my town. I keep hoping I'll meet him one day in town, because I'd love to just give him the biggest hug and thank him for making my summers so exciting. He's the father of two little girls who live here with his wife Tiffany and himself, and a son back in the Dominican Republic. Those lucky kids. He cooks, he loves hip hop music, and at 6'4" tall, and a supposed 230 lbs (I'm guessing that's on the light side) he is a baseball player most teams only dream about. That man can hit a home run with what looks like little effort. When he realizes he's taking yet another turn around the bases, he holds his hands up over his head, fists clenched, and a look of pure magic on his face.

His stats, they are encouraging. .267 average. 22 home runs. 66 RBI. In 2005 he delivered 3 walkoff hits. Three. Papi, he is amazing.

Today he had the game-winning hit against the Phillies in interleague play. Then, another walkoff to win the game. It just doesn't end with him. The man, he is the best player the Sox have had in years. This is the second walkoff in a week. He is My Daddy.
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Blogger Last Girl On Earth said...

Hi Margalit. Are you planning to go to BlogHers? Just wondering!


26/6/06 10:51 PM  
Blogger BSumner said...

yep.. he's pretty amazing. We watch all the games. He just never ceases to amaze us. Speaking of Daddy... will be curious to see how Pedro is treated in Boston. Will he be boo'd?

27/6/06 10:50 AM  
Blogger Tracy said...

I didn't know Papi lived in your town. I am jealous :) Papi comes through in some way EVERY time he comes up to bat. I just love me my Papi!

Hey what do you think about that little Alex Gonzalez boy lately?

I will forever love my Gabe but my secret crush on this year's team is of course Mikey Lowell. Paplebon is a pretty big fave around here too :)

Whatta team...whatta a great post Margalit! Go Sox!!!

28/6/06 6:09 AM  

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