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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Whoa, jumbled into jelly

We've got office politics going on at work, and the thing is, we don't really have an office. I mean, shouldn't you have an office if you're gonna have political infighting? I'm staying as neutral as I can, but geesh, this is nervewracking. I spent the entire day on the phone dealing with this, and other stuff that wasn't relaxing either. And then, when I thought it was safe to eat a bit of yogurt and watch ATWT, the Boy came home early from school and started right in on the 'can I play my Xbox' whinge. I am so hating that thing this week. He got a new game and thinks that it's his right to hog the TV 24/7 so he can beat the game. Arrrggghhh.

I'm slowly but surely adding ads onto the blog. I know you've noticed. I should have made some grand announcement or something, but I just didn't. So sue me. I need the extra income and I'm hoping that adding affiliates will enable me to earn a bit of extra dough. So clicky click click, peeps. And yes, I know that the buttons on the right are screwed up. I'm too tired to fix them right now. I need to go to bed.

But not until I mention that I got the most incredible honeydew melon today at the store. Have you been eating melon this season? Every single melon I buy, no matter the type, is just more amazing than the last one. I don't know that the heck is happening, but I wish you could freeze melon to eat it all year round. It's that good. Strawberries have generally sucked so far, although they're still coming from California. They haven't yet ripened fully here. Local ones are usually great but then you have to endure mosquito bites galore to pick them. What's a girl to do?

We finally bbq'ed tonight, since the weather has actually been cooperative and dry for 3 days now. Of course, the Girl refused to eat a burger. What kind of teenager won't touch hot dogs or hamburgers? I made french fries because I make, if I do say so myself, the worlds best fries. She eats those. And the green beans. And a pickle. Another incredibly balanced Girl meal!

That's about it. Now go eat some melon.
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Blogger Uisce said...

ok stop it with the fries, I'm drooling here!! I'm from NH, I think we have the same weather. wet wet wet. sorry, I didn't just jinx us, did I? whaaah! popping in from the land of the stars!

14/6/06 2:13 PM  

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