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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

76 trombones and fireworks

We're back from the fireworks and a great time was had by all. We got there about 6:30, early enough to have dinner, chat with people we saw in the crowd, eat dessert, wander around the crowd, dance to the band, and then watch the firworks.

The brisket, she was magnificent. For a first time attempt, I think I surpassed all expectations, including my own. Oh man, this was damn good. Succulent, moist, spicy and so delicious. The boy, who was very hesitant about eating it, couldn't stop shoving it in his mouth. He ate more than I ever thought possible.

It was a huge hit with our friends, and I'm so very psyched to have this new recipe as part of my entertaining menu. It was easy to make, and totally wowed us all.

The rest of the dinner was good too. But nothing to write home about. Your regular July 4th fare. The vegan cupcakes were very rich and moist and people actually liked them. I wasn't sure they would be edible, but they were good.

The band played a ton of sing-along songs, and did a bunch of Motown and 80's hits, so we had fun dancing and singing along. I got to embarass the Boy when they played My Girl by singing My Guy to him, nice and loud. He was sufficiently mortified. Parenting is so much fun.

Lastly, the fireworks. Good, but not as spectacular as years past. I think the Mayor was trying to prove a point that our town is running out of cash or something, because we usually have an amazing show. This year was OK, fine, better than anything I ever saw in CA as a kid, but I didn't walk away deaf and blind, if you know what I mean.

I took one firework picture and then the batteries died. The picture sucks. I tried.

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Blogger Trish said...

That brisket looks very delicious! yum.....
I have read a bit of your blog. I agree about the global warming. I'm in Texas and it feels punishingly hot here.
I enjoyed visiting your blog. Great writing and pictures!

5/7/06 12:16 AM  
Blogger Ravvy said...

Hi there, i just want to say that firstly, your Brisket looks utterly divine and suddenly im feeling in the hunger for Dinner... mmm mmm yes i am!

Secondly, happy 4th of July, here in Australia we dont celebrate it but we do recognise that its a big thing over there. And i also want to say, your picture of the fireworks is FANTASTIC! im not saying this to make you like me, or to like what im saying, but i really think *in my arty farty kinda perspective* that its a great shot - the effect is cool!

anyways... enjoy the rest of your day! Hooroo for now!

5/7/06 2:30 AM  
Blogger Miss Cow is a Cow said...

I am always amazed how much my TWO year old can eat.

I'm sure if I gave him brisket, he'd try to eat the whole thing himself. Good little Jewish boy that he is.

Here via Michele's again.

8/7/06 10:08 PM  

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