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Sunday, July 16, 2006


Not only does Wendy need a new dress for the Emmy's, my friend Iris needs several new outfits, including one formal one, for her daughter's upcoming Bat Mitzvah. Now I love Iris to death, but she's definately not up on the latest fashion trends, and she's the first to admit it. All her clothes are either pink, purple, or blue. That's pretty much it. And they're more likely to be from Lands End or Target than from Bloomies. Hey, mine are too, so I'm not being disparaging here. But Iris, she's no fashion maven. With that in mind, I'm her personal shopper because I have incredibly expensive taste and I read fashion magazines handed down to us by our mutual friend Amy. It's a wicked web of fashion elegance, but I'm into it even though I can't wear any of the clothes never mind afford them.

Today was our maiden voyage to Bloomingdales. We set out with one thing in mind, to purchase some Spanx before she tries on any clothing. She hadn't yet discovered the miracle that are Spanx, but I talked her into getting a pair. Instant weight loss! I have to admit that to encourage her I showed her this web site, which if you haven't yet seen, you must go and look at right this second. I'll wait. Dum de dum.... la dee dah.

Oh, you're back. Feeling better about your post-baby body? Yup, me too! And Iris too. That site is amazing isn't it?

OK, on to shopping. We got the Spanx right off the bat, and although I wanted to look at the new fall handbags, nope, we were on a mission, so up the escalator to the women's dresses. We looked and looked. Most of the formal wear is either black or brown this season. Two colors she doesn't want to wear. Bummer. We found a few thing for her to try on, including one bodacious skirt that we both loved, but when on was more of a hip-hugging waist, and it wasn't exactly right. Gorgeous, but not right. There was one top that she liked, but nothing to go with it. We looked at all the designer stalls, and found a Michael Kors suit that we both liked, but for over $3K, it wasn't going home with her.

At one point, way over in the corner, Iris spied a purple Calvin Klein dress. I was adamant. NO PURPLE. But she insisted on trying it on and fortunately it was hideous on. Phew! Thank goodness purple is out this year.

So Iris needs a suit for Sat Morning, a more casual dress for Friday night, and a formal dress for Sat night's party. The clothing has to be extra special because Iris has been undergoing chemo for Breast Cancer and her hair is just starting to grow back. By the Bat Mitzvah she might have a long crew cut. She'll wear a hat in shul, but for the party she wants to be hatless and she's nervous abuot her hair. So the clothing really needs to be gorgeous.

She's put me in charge of research. I'm looking for ideas for where to shop online, and what stores besides Barneys carry top fashion in the Boston area. Any suggestions?
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Blogger Carmi said...

Beats me. My fashion sense extends to buying the same khakis and button-downs at The Gap and Old Navy. When I find something I like, I keep buying it over and over.

Not sure what I'd do if my needs extended any further.

Maybe I'd ask my wife!

22/7/06 7:57 PM  

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