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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blogathon 2006 Post #16

Wow, can't find a more timely followup than this. You all heard about Mel Gibson's arrest for drunk driving, yes? Well guess who he blamed for his problems? You got it, the Jews. He is such an anti-semite and this time he can't hide it because it's in his arrest report. He deserves whatever he gets, the asshole.

In other good news, Papi (David Ortiz) hit another home run just a second ago and the Sox are beating the Angels 6:4. I love me some good Red Sox baseball.

I know all about.....

This is probably going to make a lot of you gag uncontrollably but I know all about US History and government. Yeah, I was that geeky kid in school that loved history, geography and civics. I never really understood why people loath history as much as they do, because I find it extremely interesting. As do both of my kids, so it must be genetic. See below for key to this picture.

Any regular readers of this blog know that I'm fairly outspoken on politics. I post a lot on national and international politics. What you may not know is I'm just as big a mouthpiece on local politics as well. Just ask the Mayor of my city. We've had quite a few 'conversations' over the years.

One of the reasons I'm so successful at Jeopardy is that my knowledge of US History is so widespread. I'm not just interested in politics, but I love culinary history, sports history, religious history, and even architectural history. I read a lot of books that most would deem drop dead boring on American historical figures. I have no clue why I like history so much, but I have always had this odd bent. I even taught History (US, Modern European, World, and Civics) in high school for 5 years. I hated working in a public school, but I loved my subject.

What is your area of expertise?


1. Robert Morris
2. Samuel Chase
3. Charles Carroll of Carrollton
4. Stephen Hopkins Rhode Island
5. Samuel Adams Massachusetts
6. ThomasMcKean Delaware
7. John Dickinson Pennsylvania
8. Abraham Clark New Jersey
9. William Ellery Rhode Island
10. John Witherspoon New Jersey
11. John Hancock Massachusetts
12. Benjamin Harrison Virginia
13. Samuel Huntington Connecticut
14. Thomas Jefferson Virginia
15. Roger Sherman Connecticut
16. John Adams Massachusetts
17. Robert R. Livingston New York
18. Benjamin Franklin Pennsylvania
19. Richard Henry Lee Virginia
20. Thomas Nelson, Jr. Virginia
21. Joseph Hewes North Carolina
22. Edward Rutledge South Carolina
23. Lyman Hall Georgia
24. Josiah Bartlett New Hampshire
25. Thomas Stone Maryland
26. Francis Hopkinson New Jersey
27. George Wythe Virginia
28. William Floyd New York


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