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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blogathon 2006 Post # 17

I think it's number 17. They're all starting to blur together. Red Sox are still doing great although it's now a tie at the top of the 10th 6:6 with the Angels up. Papi was intentionally walked. The Boy and I both agree that it is unfair and bad sportsmanship to intentionally walk a player. I think it should be illegal myself. And subject to the death penalty, which I don't believe in for anything other than intentional walks on Papi and Manny.


The "Real Me" is....
Do not laugh. The real me is incredibly shy. Yup, it's true. Social anxiety shy. I'm also very introverted. I'd rather stay at home with my books and some nice music than go to any social event. When I'm at social events I tend to glom onto someone I know and stay glued to them until it's time to go home. I have no clue as to how to introduce myself.
I'm fine when it's a one-on-one situation, for the most part, but put me in a crowd and I shrink right down to a piece of dust under your shoe. Which is why I'm relieved that I didn't go BlogHer. Because I would never have been able to introduce myself to anyone and since I didn't know anyone who was going that I felt comfortable glomming on to (except for Belinda, and she didn't go anyhow), there was no way I could do it.
Plus, when I meet new people I tend to stumble over my words and sound like a complete moron. But give me a way to talk without face-to-face anxiety and you can't shut me up. Like, say, blogging. This is MY medium. And I thank God for it every day. I'd be really lonely without it, even though most of blogging is lonely in and of itself. But for shy people like me, it's a great social outlet.

What is your "real me" all about?


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