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Saturday, July 29, 2006

blogathon 2006 post #18

This is the boy giving my mom some time to rest.

Red sox woes

I am watching the red sox game at this very moment hoping that they can pull off a miraculous extra innings win. They are frustrating me very much right now, although my frustration isn't really targeted at them it is at a certain rule in major leauge baseball which says that you can intentionally walk somebody.GRRR. Just moments ago Kevin Youkilis hit a double off the monster which put a man in scoring position for big papi. Now at the time two words in particular came to mind, walk off. Papi is known for being the greatest clutch hitter in the history of baseball(or at least should be). so when he came to the plate all of Fenway park rose to it's feet expecting the usual result of this situation. But then the catcher stood up and moved a couple feet over to his left and another thought popped into my head, GOD DAMN WUSSIES! They were intentionally walking the best hitter in baseball to bring up manny, who is also one of the best hitters in baseball but is not known for being the best clutch hitter by any standard. so as soon as papi was given ball 4, I immediately yelled(to no one in particular) that it was over and that manny was going to ground into a double play on the 1st pitch he saw. and just as I foresaw he did just that. Oh well big papi's up so I'm going to take a second to watch.

YESSSSSSSSS!!!! He did It, Papi just delivered another walkoff hit to win the game, and that is why he is the greatest clutch hitter in baseball!!!!!!

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