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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blogathon 2006 Post # 24

Half way, people! Half way. I never thought I would last this long. My butt is killing me from sitting in this chair all night. Ergonomic, shergonomic. There is only so much one can sit in the same position. I get up to pee and I walk like an ape. I'm molded to the chair.

Dinner tonight? Why thanks for asking. Tuna fish on saltines. YUM. It's the only thing I can think of to eat whilst blogging. Anyhow...

I get angry at...

People that talk about about how diversity is SO important to them, but have no tolerance for religion. This is one of the top reasons I couldn't stand living in the Bay Area. There is a certain Bay Area arrogance, where the residents believe that it's the best place on earth and so diverse. Yes, there is diversity there, but nowhere near the diversity of other places. Boston is way more diverse. The Bay Area has a lot of Asians and East Asians, and even a sizable African-American population in Oakland, but lets face it, there aren't a lot of other races and nationalities living there. How many Cape Verdean people live in the Bay Area? Or Greeks, Turks, Armenians (Fresno doesn't count as the Bay Area), Russians, Italians, Sudanese, Ugandians, Portugese, Brazilians, Haitians, Israelis, or Lebanese? When you think of the Bay Area's diversity, you think of Asians. And yes, that's diversity. But to brag and say that a resident of the Bay Area couldn't live anywhere else because it's so diverse there makes me laugh at the ignorance of the claimant. Believe me, NYC is way more diverse than the Bay Area ever hopes to be.

And then, on top of the lack of diversity in the Bay Area, anyone that practices a religion is suspect. That's the only place I've ever lived where it's hip to be an athiest and replusive to have any religious beliefs. People are really unaccepting of religion there, and to have that attitude not only makes me really angry, but just shows me that they don't understand what diversity is, and what it means in the first place.

So what pisses you off?


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