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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blogathon 2006 Post # 25

My kitty loves me. I'm eating tuna fish and all of a sudden he's my bestest best friend. I'm so lucky!

Thanks to my sponsors for giving so generously to Children's Hospital of Boston. I've raised $320 and we're only half way through the night. So if you're thinking of sponsoring me, do it soon. Remember, any pledge, no matter how small (or large) is greatly appreciated. Children's Hospital serves anyone, regardless of insurance and ability to pay. They do so in part with donations they receive through the community. Please help them to help children who are very sick.

I can always talk to....

My friend Jean. I've mentioned her before, I believe, but for those new to my blog, Jean is the most amazing woman I've ever met. She's 84 years old, the same age as my mother. But the difference between my mother, also a Jeanne, and my friend Jean is night and day. Jean is the most generous, kind-hearted, non-judgemental, special person. She's been a Godsend to my family, helping us time and again to solve problems that seem insurmountable. She's a tiny little thing, but she's the most powerful woman I know.

She's known us since my kids were about 4 months old. We met Jean as a volunteer for the Visiting Moms, a group of women that visit new mothers and focus on the mother, not just the babies. Jean had recently moved to the Boston area after she lost her husband. Two of her three children live in our city, so it was a natural place for her to relocate to. Once she settled in, she began volunteering. She works at the library one day a week, recovering and repairing books. She works one day a week at a local public elementary school as a library volunteer. She works two days a week at Early Intervention, an organization I introduced her to when my kids were both involved in the program. And lastly she volunteered as a Visiting Mom until last summer, when she upped the ante at Early Intervention, where they insisted she become a paid employee. I think she donates her entire paycheck right back to the organization. She's that kind of woman.

When I say she's generous, I can't even begin to describe how generous she is. She's the most giving person I've ever met. She gives to bazillions of charities, she's always helping her family with babysitting and carpooling, she's been an amazing help to us over and over again, and she does so selflessly, with no fanfare, and with the goodness of heart that I wish I could obtain.

Jean is a beautiful woman. I can talk to her about anything. When my kids were babies and the Girl was so sick, she was the counsel I relied upon to get through the dark times. And I still do today. I'm incredibly blessed to have Jean in our lives. She's the parent I never had, and she's changed me for the better in more ways than I can count. Plus, my kids love her. Absolutely LOVE her.

Who can you always talk to?


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