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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blogathon 2006 Post # 33

Oh man, I'm getting ridiculously sleepy. Funny thing is, I NEVER go to sleep anywhere near this early. It's just that I didn't have my nap today and so I'm wiped. I think I might have to have a nap and leave the Boy in charge. He's wide awake!

I will never forget....

Driving across the country when we moved back from California to Massachusetts. I drove every single mile by myself. All 3000+ miles. With 9 year old twins. In an ancient minivan. One I still own, by the way. It was absolutely the best experience I've ever had with my kids. Ever.

We took two weeks to cross the country and we visited a lot of interesting and sometimes historical things along the way. This was our route:

Cupertino to Reno Nevada. We hit Circus Circus and watched all the tacky shows. My kids thought Reno was a lot less cool than Tahoe, where we stayed at Caesar's Palace in a fancy suite.
Reno to Salt Lake City, Utah. We arrived late in the afternoon after a very long and ugly ride across the desert. We saw the Salt Flats and I was planning to visit the Geneology Center at the Mormon headquarters, but when we awoke it was snowing. In mid-April. And I didn't have chains and didn't want to pay for them, so we flew out of there in a hurry and made it over the pass just in time.

Salt Lake City to Cheyenne Wyoming. We slept there and went on the next morning. I was dying to go to Boulder and show the kids where I went to undergrad school but the Boy pitched a mega fit and absolutely refused. He wanted out of the car.

Cheyenne to Lincoln Nebraska. Another long and boring ride, but this one was brought to excitement by a Tornado warning right where we were. No tornado but great thunder and lightening storm.

Lincoln to Ottumwa Iowa. We stayed with friends on a cattle ranch for 3 days. Our friend is a cowboy and we got to see ranching and cowpoking first hand. Kids rode real cow ponies. We also stopped at the ONLY Kosher store we found inbetween CA and Iowa, in DesMoines, and spend a lot on food. They were so nice and kept the store open for us almost to Shabbat so we could buy what we needed for Shabbat.

Ottumwa to Chicago. We stayed with a friend for two days. We saw a baseball game at Wrigley Field, culminating in one of the great baseball moments of my life. Did the Art Museum and walked all around the city. Had some EXCELLENT Kosher pizza that the Boy still talks about.

Chicago to Cleveland. We stayed in a cool hotel right downtown and caught a ball game at Jacobs Field. That ballpark is WAY too big, but the game was fun and they have Kosher hot dog stands all over the ballpark. Next day we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which was fabulous. The Boy was so in his element. I went beserk singing with the headphones on. That place is MADE for people my age.

Cleveland to Cooperstown. Hit the Baseball Hall of Fame where we had a private tour by the brother of a friend, a guy who works there as an executive. It was like going to the biggest synagogue in the world. I loved it, but have to admit I was so exhausted I fell asleep on one of the benches.

Cooperstown to Longmeadow MA. Visited with my brother which was unpleasant.

Longmeadow to Boston. Home at last!

What will you always remember?


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