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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blogathon 2006 post #36

boy here, letting very tired mom take a nap. nap sounds good nap,nap,nap,nap,nap,nap.

I miss...

I miss when everything used to be simple. I miss the time of naps, finger-painting, and boo-boos. Why does getting older suck so much? Is it because I was the smartest kid in school for a long time but am now in a special-ed program? I mean it's only a program for kids with behavioral issues, right? What happened to the times when someone would call me stupid and I could reply, if I'm so stupid then why am I being bumped up a grade? What happened to when I could feel good about myself without having to tell myself lies and exaggerations. I've become so insecure that I don't even bother to do anything anymore. All I do nowadays is sit around, watch TV, play xbox, and sleep. It really scares me that my life is never going to amount to much like I always hoped it would. I've become so reclusive that my mom and sister are starting to hate being around me. I mean who wouldn't when you have a kid like me hanging around you all day long. I'm bipolar, I have o.c.d. , I have incredibly bad a.d.d. and a.d.h.d. , I'm depressed, I have anger issues, and to top it all off, I'm to smart for my own well being. Who would want me bugging them all day?

Anyway It's posting time, so I bid you adieu kind people.

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Blogger sarah cool said...

Buddy....... I believe that boys your age are supposed to be a royal pain in the you know what. It's a rite of passage. Your sister is supposed to be driven crazy by you..... don't pile too much guilt upon yourself - this is a hard age!! It so is!

It sounds like you have a lot of extra stuff piled on to your normal, teenage boy angst and anger, but - best of luck to you. You've got plenty of company in households across America. Have hope - as you grow up, you'll get more and more chances to figure out how to act (and what medicine helps the most!).

God bless you!

30/7/06 4:51 PM  

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