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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blogathon 2006 Post 41

Well, the cat shit on the bathroom floor because we wouldn't let him out and after all, if we're up it MUST be time to go out. This is his first poop accident ever, and his box is spotless so this had to be a revenge poop. Oy vey, it's not enough that I've got difficult kids, now the cat is acting up?

Rocking to the Cure, and waking up for my third wind. Boy is still wide awake. There are things to be said for ADHD.

When I'm in a group....

I freeze. I'm so not a group person. It takes me a long time to warm up to people, and then I'm OK, but the first impression most people have of me is that I'm either snobby (so not so) or socially retarded, which is much more accurate.

Once I've warmed up I tend to be a leader. I'm an idea person, not much of an executer. I'm very verbal, so I usually not only come up with ideas, but also with ways to achieve those goals quickly and accurately. Then I tell other people to get to work. This is why I'm a much better manager than an individual contributor.

One thing I don't like about being in a group is the stupid question person. There is always one in every group. You know, the person that never reads the introductory materials and so asks every dumb question that could easily be answered if they bothered to look at the materials before the meeting. The person that monopolizes the meeting with personal questions. The person who doesn't follow directions and then makes a ton of public excuses as to why. The person that responds to every question with a personal answer because it's all about him/her. Oh man, that so burns my butt. Especially as someone that tends to be a listener more than an active player. It really bothers me when someone is so aggressive that they try to take over a group and make it all about them. Argh, I hate that.

See, so not a group kinda person!

What about you? What kind of group particpant are you?


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