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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blogathon 2006 Post # 47

Three more posts. Three more posts. THREE MORE POSTS. Wow. Just wow.

The Boy is sleeping peacefully, the house is silent, and I'm holding on for 9 am. You early risers, don't forget to sponsor me by clicking the orange Blogathon button at the tip-top of my left sidebar. Every dollar counts! Every dollar is so appreciated. I love you guys!

I'm embarrassed because....

I was really really stupid to stick my hand down the disposal. Oh, I can't begin to tell you how much I regret that stupid mistake. Like $630.97 worth of regrets. Because although my plumber says that it's been a pleasure to serve me, it's also been really fucking expensive. Painful and expensive. Painful, expensive and mortifying. Nothing like feeling really stupid in front of 13 firefighters, plus another 5 various emergency personnel on my back porch while my hand is stuck in the freaking disposal. I mean, how stupid is that?

At least the firefighters stayed true to their word and did not put it in the local paper. I guess I can be thankful for small favors. But I'm still horribly embarrassed about the whole fiasco. I hope I never see those firefighters again. Really.

What has embarrassed you?


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Blogger Phoenix said...

Here I am! The stumbling site monitor coming to take one last look at you before I pass out. ::grins:: It's been a blast to read your blog and I wanted to thank you for putting up with my nuttines. (= Enjoy your well deserved rest when the times comes. Just forty-five minutes to GO. (=

30/7/06 7:21 AM  

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