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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blogathon 2006 Post #8

Remember I'm blogging for Children's Hospital of Boston. Please sponsor me. Clicky click on the orange Blogathon button at the top of my left sidebar for a link right to the sponsor's page. Children's Hospital is an amazing facility that does some of the most advanced pediatric research on the planet. They need your help because they never ever turn down any child for lack of insurance or funds. They can do this because they have support from the community, but they always run short. You can help a child recieve great medical care by sponsoring me.

My Childhood was...

Miserable. Violent. Ugly. Unhappy. Tragic, interspersed with some very funny moments. There was no way I could ever have a happy childhood with the parents I got. My mother is certifiably nuts (and no, that isn't just an expression in this case) and my father was incapable of loving anyone other than her. Plus, he was a serious misogynist. Although we were a very well-to-do family growing up in Southern California and on the ocean in MA, the inside of our house was filled with anger, screaming, hitting, and a lot of crying.

It wasn't ALL bad. I learned to be a good cook from my mother. I learned to be a good horsewoman from my father. I learned to love dogs and to show them from my dad. I learned how to travel from both parents. My love of reading comes from my mother. My love of eating must be genetic because they both were great eaters, as are my siblings.

But for the most part, my childhood is better forgotten, which is lucky since I have forgotten much of it due to a head injury sustained in a bad car accident that left me hospitalized for months. My mother was driving and hallucinated a motorcycle gang. Need I say more?

Tell me about your hopefully happier childhood.


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Blogger Phoenix said...

Pandora again! You are doing a great job so far! (= I love reading your posts. (=

Let's see here.

My childhood was happy. It was. Mom and Dad loved me to pieces and my siblings were great. I grew up in a small town, where wandering around outside after dark was okay, even for us childrens.

Pandora, the site monitor, humming the theme song to her childhood - the sesame street theme! (=

29/7/06 11:43 AM  

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