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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blogathon commences, Margalit still half asleep

Rough night last night, kiddos. The Girl woke me up at 5 am with a bad dream and needed to talk about it...extensively. Thus, I'm barely awake, haven't even brewed the first pot of java, and am posting without my glasses on because my eyes just won't focus, but I will not be deterred. I am rocking and ready to blog.

Everyone has a schtick, and mine is to use Reign of Ellen's Conversation Cards to talk about all sorts of different discussion topics. The deal is, I post the topic, and my take on the topic, and then you all jump in on your comments. Some are 'deep' thoughts, others are funny, and still others bring up old memories. I think you'll enjoy this. At least I hope so.

OK, the cards are randomly shuffled and the first topic is:

I need to throw out....

Man, this is an easy one. I need to throw out about half of my household junk. My basement is FILLED with boxes that have been moved from one house to another and still another. My attic has a few of those as well. And paper, I am utterly inundated with paper. I have piles everywhere because I am lazy and don't get rid of it right away. Old school stuff, take-out menus, bills I've paid, junk mail... you name it, it's piled up on every surface in my house.

How about you?


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Blogger Phoenix said...

Hello there, lovely! This is your site monitor Pandora! I've just dropped by to say hello! *grins*

I have to throw out a SLEW of stuff. It's CRAZY. I just went through all of my clothes. Shew.

Come on by and visit me at our monitor blog! (=
The Yellow Darts. There's all sorts of great info over there!

29/7/06 8:24 AM  

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