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Friday, July 14, 2006

I love the bargains

And so do you, right? Well some of my advertisers over there on the right are having HUGE summer sales. Like Overstock.com...80% off and free shipping on summer furniture and garden items. You can't say no to that, right? How about delias.com? 25% off and free shipping for summer clothing for your teenage daughter. If she's like my kid, she could spend a fortune at delias and not blink an eye. Dick's Sporting Goods is also having a bunch of cool offers. Like $50 off shipping on a trampoline combo (oh, would my son kill for this), or 15% off your entire order.

Summer sales always make me happy. There's so much out there that you just can't or won't pay full price for, but when the sales start, man oh man, life is good. Check out the other sales at Boden (such cute clothing!) and Karmaloop for great sporty teen clothing. It's almost time for the 'back to school' insanity, so see what you can find online before braving the mall. Just a public service from Chateau El-Cheapo.
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Blogger honestyrain said...

ok really, end of summer sales can sometimes be just absurdly wonderful. seriously. love it. i've never shopped at overstock but hear wonderful things about it. perhaps i'll wander over....

my husband will not know who to blame when the credit card bill comes. you are safe ;)

here via michele again today :)

15/7/06 3:29 PM  

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