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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Just me and about 12 other bloggers

The rest of the female blogging world are in San Jose, but me, I'm home in my nice, air conditioned house with my two sleepy children. And it's fine. At some point Blogher seemed important to me, but I've long since let it go. In fact, being one of the only blogs I know that didn't talk about the panic of finding just the right clothing, and packing the right stuff, and making the right flight on time completely stressed me out and I'm not packing for go anywhere.

Maybe had I not lived in the San Jose area for several years it would have been more exciting to me. Maybe if I felt like the bloggers I most love to read would all be going, I'd be more attached. But the fact of the matter is, my blogging faves are staying home en mass, and San Jose is, well, San Jose. Beyond Santana Row, not all that much to see and do. Especially if I don't drink....much.

Maybe I'm just too old and blaise to care about conferences, or maybe I just have so many more pressing things on my mind. I dunno. But this wasn't my year and I'm not feeling at all sad about it.

I am looking forward to Blogathon 2006, and I've got my schtick all planned. And then there's New Hampster this weekend. It's all good.
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Blogger Wendy said...

You are not alone! lol...i'm sitting here wondering why there is an echo in the blogging world tonight - *sigh* oh well! cheers to you!


27/7/06 9:58 PM  
Blogger julbgs said...

thanks for a reassuring post. i'm a new blogger but after reading so many blogs on blogher i already felt the stress and pressure of the NEXT blogher. nice to hear that there are bloggers out there who are cool AND staying home.

28/7/06 10:22 AM  
Blogger barbie2be said...

aside from the fact that i actually LIVE in san jose, i would have been here over the weekend too, but not for BlogHer 2006. the second annual San Jose Grand Prix was held this past weekend. and that's a great reason to be here. :)

3/8/06 1:37 PM  

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