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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Science experiments for the overheated

Yeah. It. Is. Hot. Really hot. Like 93 degrees and 40% humidity hot. So when it's so hot your brain fries on the sidewalk, what do you do to regain some perspective? You think up really strange science experiments. And some old standbys as well.

We did the fry an egg on the sidewalk. Not quiet hot enough. We'll try again tomorrow when it's supposed to hit 100. Yahoo!

The Boy placed an ice cube into his mouth, then squirted magic shell on it to see if he could get it to solidify in his mouth. Another failure.

Then we took a break and sat out on the back porch and played two games of Yahtzee. We were sweating bullets by the end of the second game. So what is better to do than to test your bug spray by watering the garden at 6:30 pm? Bug spray works well. Lots of bugs, no bites.

Blew up a beach ball and experimented with how many times The Boy could bounce it off the walls and my head before I became rabid. That was fairly successful. I'm still foaming at the mouth.

Tried to talk me into going outside again for some Mentos and Diet Coke therapy. Nope, too hot. And sticky. And bug attracting. And hot.

You think we're getting cabin fever staying inside and away from the bad air and horrid heat? You think right.
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Blogger gordaboo said...

Hey, the diet coke and mentos thingy works. My sis and nephew tried it over here on July 4th when it was 102 degrees.

It's was 107 this weekend and it's supposed to be 108 today, but I haven't ventured out of my 74 degree office to actually test that one.

18/7/06 3:11 PM  

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