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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tell me, is this fair?

The British have all the luck. This is my new most desired item. I must have this. I think many of us must have this. A magic dress. Who would have thunk this could come from Britain? They're nowhere near as fat as we Americans are. Honest, it may not look like much, but read the article and then tell me you don't want to order one too. A Spanx dress. What a brilliant idea!

This could be the greatest purchase a woman of a 'certain age' could possibly make. But can we Americans buy it? Why no, we cannot. At least not yet.

Me, I'm putting one on order at Marks and Sparks asap. I must have this. But checked or black? Or both?
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Blogger Denzylle said...

Wow, M+S, and so inexpensive!

Don't forget the UK sizing is different, Margalit.

Why not red?

Denzylle in London.

26/7/06 8:45 AM  

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