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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What a funny Girl I have

The Girl called from camp tonight. She was sneaking a call from her counselor's cell phone (kids aren't allowed to bring phones, thank goodness. Can you imagine the minutes she would use up?) to wish me a Happy Birthday. She was so funny, telling me about how she got hurt while tubing in the lake, and how she went to the water park and almost fell off something or other. The child is a walking disaster, but she's having a blast at camp, and isn't that what it's all about? I was surprised she called, especially since the caller ID came up with a man's name in the 610 area code, which is completely unknown to me. So I didn't answer it. And then she called again, and again, and finally, on the 6th call I figured whomever Frederic B was, he needed to be in touch with me right now. And it was the Girl. "Why didn't you answer the phone" she demanded. Uh, because I had no clue it was you. "Oh!" Duh!

So how she got hurt is pretty hilarious. She was tubing towed behind the speedboat. She raised up one hand to tell the pilot to go faster, right when he was pulling a donut. Then she forgot that she was supposed to be holding on with both hands, and started to scratch her nose. Thus she was holding on with NO hands. Ooops! The tube hit the wake in the donut, and off she went, flying up into the air, and then landing flat on the water in some odd twisting of limbs. She said it didn't hurt right away, but by that night she could barely move. Evidentally she complained so vociferously that they gave her a counselor's bed because her's was too uncomfortable. What a master manipulator that child is!

She's fine now, but I'm sure this is just the first in a series of injuries. Klutzy is her middle name.

I'm going to the dentist on my birthday. Can you think of a more fitting way to celebrate? Yahoo. Add better yet, I'm getting a summer cold and cough. Life is good, eh?
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Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

A Very Happy Birthday To You Margalit! Hope the Dentist experience is not too horrible!

11/7/06 2:22 AM  
Blogger Tracy said...

Just dropping in to say Good Luck at the dentist and a Happy Happy Birthday to you.... :)

11/7/06 6:11 AM  
Blogger Emily Barton said...

Happy, happy birthday! Gargle with peroxide if you can stand the taste (drinking hot water with lemon tastes better and works almost as well), and good luck at the dentist.

11/7/06 7:04 AM  
Blogger Lazy Daisy said...

Happy Birthday Margalit! Hope you got your share of cake and ice cream before going to the dentist. Thanks for sharing a birthday with Barbara. Just think....after the dentist visit things can only get better!

11/7/06 7:30 AM  
Blogger MetroDad said...

Happy birthday, Margalit! Have a great day.

11/7/06 11:05 AM  
Blogger TNChick said...

Happy Birthday!

11/7/06 11:33 AM  

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