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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Why is it so freaking hot?

Global Warming. I'm against it. I'm carefully green, but not fanatically green. I don't drive a car. I use public transportation as much as possible. I recycle everything. I don't use aerosol sprays. I keep the air conditioners as low as possible. I've weatherstripped and insulated and done everything one can do to conserve energy. I have energy star appliances. If I did get a car, it would be a hybrid. I try to buy recycled products. I grow my own food. I preserve water.

SO WHY IS IT SO FREAKING HOT? I'm doing my part. I'm trying within the realm of normality to change my consumption and live a greener life. I'm not moving off the grid anytime soon, but I'm really trying.

So I'm blaming the heat on the rest of you. It's your fault that it's over 90 degrees out and about 100% humidity. You guys are ruining everything. Live a greener life so that I can be more comfortable because the world revolves around ME and don't you forget it.

That's all. Resume your normal activities. But DO NOT make me any hotter. Or else!
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