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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Yawn, more reports about my tooth

I know, even I can't stand it. It's getting really ridiculous but the saga of the broken tooth continues. I got up at the crack of frigging dawn this morning to get to the dentist by 8 am. After yesterday's monumental traffic tie-up, I left good and early and what do you know? Light traffic that early. Because nobody in the right mind is UP that early. Got to la dentista early. Yes, early! Moi. It should be written up in the record books.

I had to wait, of couse, because that's the nature of clinics, but eventually I got called in, and had one dentist do my x-rays, another come and talk to me, then Dentist McDreamy took over and called 3 specialists to come and look at my tooth. Bottom line. I need a bunch of different protocols in order to save the tooth. First, I get a root canal and some gum surgery, as the break ended beneath the gum line. Gosh, that's gonna be swell! Then, I get to get a 'crown lift', which is some kind of extension between the stub of the tooth that's underneath the gum line, and the new crown I'm going to get as the last step in Operation Make Margalit Pay and Pay and Pay Som More.

This is at least 4 different procedures spread over weeks. Now you all know how much I hate the dentist. Do you really think I'm looking forward to this much dental work for one frigging tooth? I'm thinking that abstraction and an implant might be better, but I was advised by each of the specialists NOT to go that route, as it's never as good as your original tooth.

Well, my original tooth is half the size in width and filled with amalgam right down to the gumline. Maybe I'm missing something, but what the fuck?

I promise no more toothy references until the surgery and then I get to complain again. OK?
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Blogger Aunt Julia said...

it is a pleasure reading your blog. keep it up.

13/7/06 10:09 AM  

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