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Thursday, August 24, 2006

14 years old and still tantrumming

Today the Girl and the Boy turn the ripe old age of 14. The are firmly entrenched in adolescence. I thought it would be funny to try and write one of those Dooce letters to them, but really, what milestones have they conquered in the past year? The ability to crash the computer within seconds? Making the biggest messes in the universe? Cooking Ramen in the middle of the night? How to lie convincingly? Losing Mom's Ipod on the front lawn overnight? Nope, all of those milestones were long since mastered. This might be harder than I thought.

In a few days, the Girl will enter high school as a student for the first time. She'll be a small gold fish in a very big pond for a bit, but knowing her, by the end of first term she'll already be the size of a marlin. For the first time in memory, she has no nervousness about taking on the high school. She's got a wardrobe that will blend in, she's ready for her classes, her friends are all lined up, and the bus stop changed and will now be right by our house. She'll be looking for a new babysitting position soon, to have spending money and to buy the things she deems necessary that I think it a waste of money.

The Boy is an upperclassman, and he's not as excited about going back to school. He's had the first summer totally and completely without activities and schedules, and it suited him well. He's relaxed and feeling good about going back to school, anxiety wise. He's already gotten his schedule and he got the electives he wanted, so he's psyched. Since he got his b'day money, he's thought of nothing else but buying a TV for his room so he can play his XBox up there instead of in the family room.

They've both turned out to be interesting semi-adults, my kids. They are funny and kind and loving. They are nice people, polite, well-mannered, and still have a kick-ass amount of fun packed into their personalities. They roll with the punches better than most kids, but then again, they both still tantrum with the best of them. Both have quick tempers, but both have learned over the years to calm down and apologize for their errant behavior.

They still see the world with a wide-eyed innocence that only youth can hold on to. I've never censored news from them, they are both cognizant of all the bad stuff that goes on around us, and interestingly this has turned the Boy into a political junkie. They are empathetic and they can screen out bullshit better than I can at times. They have little patience for bad government and they believe that getting Republicans out of office will clean up the country. See, wide-eyed innocence.

I love these children so deeply, with so much conviction, with so much emotion that sometimes it startles me. Although the do drive me crazy and they are far (very very far) from perfect, who they are becoming has me agog with the surprises they give me. The Girl, she has a new career goal, for example. Marine archaeologist. And I was sure she's become a comedianne like Gracie Allen when she was a baby. You just never know.

I love you Girl and Boy. Happy Birthday.
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Blogger IzzyMom said...

Happy birthday to The Boy and Girl. They sound like great kids!

24/8/06 9:55 PM  
Blogger Happy Mama to Three said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE G's from California. I hope the Girl loved her gift, though you never said what it was you bought. And I hope the boy is enjoying perusing his card catalogue =-).

And happy Mommyhoodversary to Ms Margalit. Mommy's don't get nearly the credit they deserve when it's their children's birthday. I hope they made you feel like the best Mom in the world. You deserve it as much as they deserved a nice day.

Party on little people.


25/8/06 6:04 AM  

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