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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Can you see me now?

Because I can't see you. In fact, I can't see a damn thing. I'm literally blind. My son, better known as the asshat that sat on my glasses and destroyed them, took care of that. Ok, it's true that my glasses were older than some of you. But still, he put his stinky ass on my only way of seeing anything and they're now in non-repairable pieces sitting on my desk. I sometimes wonder if having kids is worth the hassle. Today, I don't think so.

This means an eye exam, and new glasses. Unfortunately, not only am I broker than shit, but I also hate the new style of glasses, that rectangle fat plastic frame. Ugh. They look good on... well, nobody. They're just weird looking. Oh, I ammend this. Nello looks good in them. She would look good in anything. But for the rest of us, they're not an attractive look. Especially in some bright color. I wear my glasses all the time. I want them to fade into my face, disappear in fact. I don't like glasses that shout, "This old lady is blind as a bat."

So tomorrow I have to get my act together, take a cab down to the optical store down the road, and get a pair of glasses on the $99 sale rack. That should be fun. Because they always have the best frames on the $99 rack. Right?

I'm going to have to get a single prescription and say goodbye to my no-line bifocals because I can't afford bifocals. I can't afford glasses.

You know what else I can't afford? Another visit from the nice, but extremely expensive plumber. But do I have a choice. Why no, I do not. Because, even though I haven't yet paid him for the last visit, the disposal from hell, now something from the kid's bathroom upstairs appears to be leaking right into my kitchen ceiling, causing not only a constant dripping, but a big brown stain. Just shoot me now, please.

Have you ever heard of anyone with worse luck? It's like it just piles up and when I think it's finally the top of the mountain of shit, yet more comes raining down. Man, this so sucks. I'm just beyond feeling at this point. I'm totally numb. It's like I'm living Jack Bauer's life, only instead of kidnappings, murders, virulent gasses, and a shitty dishonest president (OK, I do have that in my life, as do we all), I've got plumbing, eyeglasses, dental woes, camp payments, and school sports and bus fees. Yeah, and I'm made of money, too. I pick it right off my money tree in the back yard. Aren't I lucky?
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Blogger Tracy said...


This crap only happens all together at once~also only when you are REALLY REALLY broke.

My glassess were broken for about 2 months last summmer and it sucked. Like really really sucked. I am all disoriented without my glasses and I was in a constant state of panic because i couldn't see ANYTHING. Luckily my birthday came up and new glasses ended up being a present from my brother, Mom and step-dad.

Hang in there Margalit, it will all work out... after you go completely crazy worrying yourself over it all...

Take Care.

10/8/06 6:12 AM  
Blogger NotSoccer Mom said...

oh i know how you feel! i'm sure things will work out eventually; they always do. but it sucks while you're in the middle of it! i'll be sending out good thoughts your way.

10/8/06 12:44 PM  

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