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Monday, August 21, 2006

It's all just flying by

See if you can guess who went to the movies last night with a girl? Hint: not me.

In 3 days my babies will be 14. Fourteen frigging years old. Both in high school. Where they have hard classes and electives and team sports. How come I still see them as babies? Soft, squishy smell good babies. Not big lunky kids with foot odor. The Boy has gotten so tall this summer. When he hugs me it's like hugging an adult. I do not like this. I do not approve. I keep telling him to stop growing but he will not listen.

When they were infants, I wondered a lot about what it would be like when they grew up. I couldn't even think about what kind of adults they would be. It was like having modeling clay and beginning with a big lump and over the years molding and shaping it, bit by bit, into real live persons. I'm pretty sure I did OK. I did the best I could anyhow. I like who they are, and other people seem to think that they're possibly going to be a decent addition to the adult population outside of prison. I guess that's acceptable.

One thing I never expected was how beautiful they would be. Neither their father or I could ever be construed as top tier hotties. We're average people with regular "Jewish" looks and decent shapes and sizes. I didn't realize that the combination of our genes would produce such quirky, but rapturously beautiful children. They look very different, and they act very different as well. But each has taken on the best attributes from our gene pool and really did something with it. HaShem was working with Fimo, not plasticine that day.

I also never expected that they would both be so funny. I'm funny, their father is deadly serious. Funny runs deep in my family. But both of my kids hve their own unique brand of humor that appeared early on. When the Boy was 3, he made up his first joke, which has held up over time. "What do Jewish pirates say?" "Ahoy vey". It's pretty damn good for 3.

I never thought I'd have a fashionista for a daughter. The one thing I am not is fashion crazy. I need complete comfort in my clothing and shoe choices. I've never owned high heels in my life, and I'm not starting now. I like clothes, and I have good taste, but the Girl, she's amazing with the designer identifications and matching and all that other fashion stuff that I don't care one whit for. Makeup? I think not.

I knew they would be smart. They kinda had no choice in the matter. They got geeky smart parents with way too many degrees. But I did not know that they would have learning disabilities and neurological differences. That was quite the surprise. We've all learned how to deal with it, and honestly, if the Girl didn't have her learning issues, I'd be sort of misty-eyed because she is so freaking funny when she tries to get stuff a bit over her head. I swear it, there are times when we laugh so hard because they are just hilarious. A recent example: we were watching the news and they had a story where a man swam the English channel for the 13th time, and she piped up, "The English Channel...do we get that one?" I mean, you just gotta crack up, and she's laughing too once you explain the reason why you're peeing your pants. I would be so sad without her logic. It's one of the greatest gifts ever.

Anyhow, I'm going to be a bit melacholy for the next few days. My babies... they're getting way too old.
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