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Saturday, August 05, 2006

A perfectly perfect day

Hello Stupid Poopers. Note the date on this post. It's 3 years old. Note that I did not BUY the lollypop my daughter wanted. I just said she likes them. Note that we take this trip ONCE a year. ONCE. A. YEAR. Not every day. Not every month. ONCE A YEAR.

And thank you so much for again proving my point that a) you are all stupid morons that cannot read, cannot understand and cannot even see what is right in front of you. b) Do not understand that people CHANGE and EVOLVE over years. What happened in 2006 does not necessarily happen in 2009. Hello, could you BE any more stupid than to spend 21 hours (yes, the person that linked this spends hours and hours and hours every freaking day on my site, and yes I know that this is the epitome of stalking and yes, I understand that if you have to stay linked to my site for days at a time you have a very serious mental disorder and really need much more help than anyone the internet can give you) going back years to try and prove your sad little point that, OMG, I bought my kids candy. Once a year. That must mean CPS should be called because I am SO TERRIBLE.

You people are just plain sick. Stupid, no doubt about it. But to harass someone for something they posted 3 years ago as proof that they are terrible people. That is very sad, pathetically sad. And warped. I hope you all might learn something, but with a combined IQ of 79, I'm not hopeful.


We've been in Maine, and today headed back down to MA. We had the most amazing day, filled with all sorts of different adventures. We started with a shopping trip to Kittery and hit up the outlet malls. We were with my friend Iris, and she had quite a few shopping assignments she wanted to complete. She had shopping for her nieces and nephews, needed some new underthings, and a dress for her daughter's bat mitzvah. She also is a big shopper and likes to do the outlets up bigtime. Me, not so much, because the stores I like are the kitchen stores and the furniture stores, and she's more into clothing and jewelry.

Once we had shopped up one side of Route 1, we hit our absolute MUST STOP store in Kittery, Yummy's. This is an unabelievable candy festival. They have ever single kind of candy ever invented, I think, and they buy it in bulk, repackage it, and sell it for very reasonable prices. The Boy has been before, but the Girl has missed our trips to Yummys due to camp and other social obligations, so she was particularly psyched to go.

Mmmmm, salt water taffy. Look at all the flavors.

We bought pistachios, pumkin seeds, a bunch of salt water taffy, and other various types of candy. And we had a blast looking at all the retro candy that they sell. The Boy had to get fudge, and I had to get mint chocolate lentils. I love those things! And of course, the kids had to get Dots. They love the dots.

The Girl loves these lollypops. Blech, all I see is sticky mess.

He looks just like his great grandpa Dave with the stogie. This one is chocolate.

Iris was astonished at the amount of candy available at the store. She bought a carton of tootsie pops for Halloween. She's always planning ahead and I'm always so far behind. She had already bought some candy at the Lindt factory outlet, but she bought some chocolate bottles filled with liquer and a few other things.Can you see the signs behind the Boy? They're pretty funny.

From Kittery we headed down to Newburyport, my absolute favorite place in the US. Iris had never been there, so I took her on a tour. I had forgotten that it's the middle of Yankee Homecoming, the big festival that takes place for a week between July and August. But as we got off the highway and onto High Street, there were chairs set up in front of every house, marking their spaces for the parade tomorrow. This tiny city is very serious about Yankee Homecoming, especially the parade.

We headed down to Plum Island, and one of the parking lots towards the end of the Parker River Refuge was actually open, so we headed down to the beach. We walked over the dunes and got to the ocean.

The kids asked to wade in the water, and of course I said yes, but don't get wet. Ha! Before long they were totally and completely soaked, swimming in the ocean. Note the time sequence in the photos below.

Soaked to the skin. The Girl was too, but her outfit was a bit risque for the blog.

Fortunately they had both bought clothing at the Aeropostle outlet, so they had changes of clothing to wear. We dallied at the beach for quite a while, watching the surfcasters fishing for blues, but the greenheads were biting the Girl and she was getting miserable from the foul buggers, so we decided to head back to town.

Iris catching the rays while being bitten alive by greenheads.

The kids changed their clothing back at the car and then we followed the Merrimack river down into town. As we got closer it was apparent that something big was going on. Miraculously, it was sidewalk sale day! My favorite day of Yankee Homecoming. Every shop had something out on the sidewalks marked way way down. Plus there were buskers in the center of town doing a juggling with fire show, and lots of food stalls selling all sorts of things, from Indian to Lobster Rolls and fried clams.

We strolled through town and bought a few things for the kids. The Girl got 2 T-shirts for $10, and the Boy got another of his absolute favorite T-shirts that he outgrew this year.

By this time we were getting mighty hungry and Iris was getting hypoglycemic grumpies, and her radiation spot was hurting, so we started to look for a place to eat. We settled on a Szechuan restaurant, and sat down to order. By this time Iris was starting to look exhausted and she needed to eat, fast. And of course that meant that both kids went blank when asked to decide on an entre. They just do not get the sharing entrees thing, and it took a bit for them to decide what to order.

The food came quickly and we scarfed it up in a flash. We were hungry! By the time we had finished dinner, the sky was black and all of a sudden the fireworks started. Yes, we stood on the sidewalk outside a coffee bistro and watched the most amazing fireworks I've ever seen. They were far better than Boston's 4th of July fireworks and way way way better than our town's fireworks. The show went on and on for about an hour, and the grand finale was about 8 minutes long. It was just amazing.

Plus we were standing right across from the Unitarian Church with one of the most beautiful federalist steeples ever built. The fireworks were right by the steeple from our viewpoint, although they were shot off from the park off the river.

Crazy lady with blond hair in front of us described every firework in great detail.

By the time the fireworks were over, it was really late and definately time to get on home. We were all so tired but so happy. It was just the most amazingly perfect day, where one thing just led to another thing, and then to another, and all of it was fun and good and happy and peaceful. The Boy said it best. "This is a satisfied happy." That's just what it was, too.

Blogger, for a change, is totally uncooperating so I can't upload any more photos, but I should have more tomorrow when it's more cooperative...maybe.
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Blogger Grins said...

I am so bummed. My recent trip to Maine didn't include one solitary piece of taffy. I've been robbed I tell you, robbed. Oh, and Michele says hi Margalit ;-)

6/8/06 1:15 AM  
Blogger Tracie said...

Wow! What a fun day! I want to have that exact day tomorrow :)

And then I want to move inot Yummy's. Sure, I will be as fat as my house, but show me the taffya dn I don't care--Just give me a cot and I am good. Yummy's here I come!!

6/8/06 3:54 PM  
Blogger Common Sense Beauty said...

Oh how wonderful. I so want to go to Maine. I've been to Boston, Salem, Gloucester and I've even been to New Hampshire. My dream is to go to Maine and stay in a B&B and visit the sea and lighthouses.
Hi from Michele

6/8/06 3:54 PM  
Blogger Tracie said...

Oh, yeah,

Michele sent me!

6/8/06 3:54 PM  
Blogger kenju said...

That looks like a wonderful time all of you had!

You and I were trying to upload photos at the same time last night - and I lost a WHOLE post! Too bad for us - hope tonight will be better for that. Michele sent me.

6/8/06 4:09 PM  
Blogger Im Chele In LA said...

I am sorry i missed the boat.
Over from the other Michele's

6/8/06 4:57 PM  
Blogger panthergirl said...

What great shots!!! We're going to Maine in September for my friends' wedding (I introduced them!). Can't wait. Love it there.

Here via michele!

6/8/06 5:05 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

Sounds like an awesome day!
OMG! YUMMY'S!!! Somehow I forgot all about this place. I haven't been there in about 12 years...
It's definitely a kid's candy store dream!!!

7/8/06 6:29 AM  

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