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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The surprising smell in my kitchen

Today we had to pick up a prescription at Walgreens. I do not like Walgreens pharmacy. They are unprofessional, make way too many mistakes, and have the nastiest help working there. A trip to Walgreens always sets my teeth on edge, but unfortunately, it is also the pharmacy we use regularly. We're very good customers.

Not surprisingly, the prescription we needed was not ready. Even though it was supposed to be ready last week and this is the third time I've gone there to pick up the damn prescription. But this is my life at Walgreens. It happens over and over and over. I did mention how much I hate this pharmacy, right? Since I already pitched a mega hissy fit on Saturday when the same prescription wasn't done, I figured they would at least try to have it done today. But no... so I made the pharmacy tech call the doctor again and get the Rx faxed while we were at the store, which she did. I think I must be pretty scary when I'm pitching a fit because this one was actually pleasant about it. With an hour wait, we got a chance to really finger all the merchandise.

I got b'day cards for the kids, they had a sale on twizzlers, the Boy found a new binder for his baseball cards (school? We don't need no friggin' binders for school!), we checked out all the school supplies and the game aisle, and then the Girl found something and called me over to see.

Scented candles. I usually abhor scented candles. They always smell chemically, plus most of them give me asthma attacks. But the Girl found scented candles that smelled, oh... like I wish my house would smell all the time instead of eau d'kitty. I'm just sayin'...

Two 'flavor' scents stood out. Apple Cinnamon Strudel and Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. To die for. The candles were on sale. They were downright cheap. I paid less for 2 of them than one cost on the web site. They come in sugar shakers that you can use once the candles are gone. The shakers alone were worth the price of the candles. So this virgin scented candle user bought them.

As soon as the prescription was finally ready, because after all, what's a week between pharmacy and consumer, we scooted home. I lit the Apple Strudel candle and lordy... my house smells like Grannie Rose is baking strudel in the kitchen. These suckers smell yummy.

These candles are made from soy, and the label says that they are highly fragranced (true), environmentally safe, clean and long burning, and they support American farmers. You can't go wrong with that combo. They are clean burning. I don't get any of the cough cough asthma that I do on Friday nights when the Shabbat candles die down. Now those are lethal!

My house smells so yummy. And better yet, I'm putting an herbed turkey breast in the oven in a second. It will smell just like Thanksgiving right soon.
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Blogger Tracy said...

Scented candles are my secret vice. I have issues. Each room needs a specific scent or scent combination that also has to be season/holiday relevant.

For the fall it's pumpkin spice and any combination of apples and cinnamon or vanilla etc. When Halloween comes... watch out.
I am pretty much a candle snob and prefer Yankee candles but Walmart also usually has some really good smellies for a hell of a lot cheaper.
Also, you should try a tart burner Margalit. I have two that you have to use tea-lights but I also have an electric one my mom gave me for christmas. The tea-light ones are fairly inexpensive and by using wax "tarts" it does cut down on the smokiness etc.

I will have to go to Walgreens and check these candles out now...

23/8/06 6:47 AM  

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