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Monday, August 07, 2006

What's all this about back to school?

I keep reading about kids that are already back to school. What? Who starts school at the beginning of August? It's too hot, and August is part of summer. School shouldn't be scheduled in the summer. It starts in the fall. What's wrong with those school officials that take children out of camp and the pool and pluck them into a classroom when it's 100 degrees outside? Feh!

We don't start until after labor day. I've come to the conclusion that this might be a tad bit longer than I can take, mentally. I honestly thought I was going to lose my mind yesterday when the Boy was just being a complete PITA the entire day. By the 11:00 pm news, I was drooling and cradling my head in my hands begging for him to just disappear into the stratosphere. But he remained in the house being annoying until I sent him to bed, took away his computer time today, and threatened to lock him out of the house today if he didn't just go away and leave me alone.

Today it's better. But phew, we've got weeks to go before school starts. I'm never one to look forward to the school year because it means that the battle begins anew. Every year I have to gird myself once the schedules arrive and I know the names of the opposition. But this year I'm really hopeful that it's going to be different because we have finally big adieu to middle school and high school is just easier to deal with. Even with an unknown and brand new to the community principal, I'm hopeful. Both kids have friends, both kids are in good programs with enough support to allow them to be successful, and so far, I'm in good with the high school. I haven't had one cross word with them....yet. Hopefully, this year will go as well as last year.

I've had such mixed feelings about going back to school. To me, it not only means getting back to a schedule that I abhor, it means trying to get kids up at an ungodly hour, being organized, policing homework time, dinner at normal times, and a routine. I don't like routines any more. But it's not all about me, even though I wish it were, and the kids need a bit more of a routine than staying up late and sleeping half the day away. God, I love summer!

And then there winter. Once school starts, gulp... shoveling snow isn't far behind. I can't deal with winter.

But, but, but.... this winter we have big plans. We're going to build an ice skating rink in our back yard. A big one. It's pretty easy to do, evidentally, and it hopefully will provide hours of fun playing hockey and racing each other across the ice. I'm so psyched to do this even though I've never been on ice skates in my life and am not about to start now. With the large sledding hill in the front, we have a veritable winter wonderland. An Olympic park right on our property. I'll be inside making the hot chocolate. You can take the girl out of southern California, but you can't take southern California out of the girl. Ice skating? I think not.
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