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Sunday, August 27, 2006

What's big, round, red, and sweet?

Tomatos! Big, fat, juicy tomatos. Finally turning red tomatos. Firm, warm from the sun, fragrant tomatos. I planted 5 different varieties. One of the roma tomato varieties are huge. I've never seen roma tomatos this large. The early girls weren't much earlier than the big boys, the cherry's kinda fizzled out quickly, and the smaller italian romas are just starting to come in this weekend.

What do you do when you have fresh, juicy tomatos straight from the garden? You make pizza. With basil from the herb garden, and fresh mozzerella from a cheese shop and of course, nice baby bellas. An herb crust, a pizza stone, a hot oven, and you've got a treat that disappears so quickly you can barely watch the pieces being devoured.

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Blogger cherylann said...

mmmm... my mom use to always make homemade tomato salad with onions and garlic and yummy goodness. thanks for bringing back that memory.

i just found your blog from blogmad and it's now one of my favorites. you bring me back home. i sure do miss MA.

27/8/06 9:48 AM  

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