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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another major milestone today

Sometimes I still think my children are toddlers with pudgy hands that grab for mine as we cross the parking lot. I see them crumbling cookies into the sofa, drooling on the cat, climbing onto steps just to jump off them, and looking to me for guidance and answers to the many renditions of "Why?"

And then I wake up and realize that I'm in an Ambien stupor and my children are really independent people with lives of their own. They still need me. Who would make them dinner if I weren't here? Who would nag them incessently about the dirty pair of ankle socks that have been on the front stairs for three frigging weeks that nobody will claim? Who would protect them from stupid teachers and rotten administrators? Yup, they still need me.

But what they want isn't a nagging mom. They want a sugar daddy. Because when every other sentence starts with "Dude, you know what I want? I want...." then what they really want is someone with a huge fat wallet full of $20 bills to soothe their aching desires. That is so not me. I'm the queen of "no".

But sometimes you gotta break with tradition and go to the store and actually buy them stuff, for they continue to grow, the ungrateful wretches. Today was such a day. We had to return something to Marshalls, and get the two of them 'school shoes'. Thank God they have FINALLY outgrown the need to wear sneakers everywhere. I'm so not a lover of the sneaker. Even the Boy's Converse All Star collection is starting to wear thin. Needs trump desires, so off we set to my local bargain emporium.

The Girl only wanted ballet slippers. Fine, let her freeze her little toesies off. She picked out a pair of gold lame and a pair of silver lame. Evidentally she thinks she lives in Las Vegas. They were cheap, so we went with the gold. They're actually adorable with jeans.

The Boy is in love with his Converse board shoes, but they have actual holes in them so they had to be replaced. He wanted the exact same type of shoe, but ended up with some Tims in a sorta-kinda same style.

The Boy also needed a white shirt for Yom Kippur. He refused to wear plain white, and that's ok with me. As long as the shirt is mostly white, I'm happy. We looked and looked and finally found a shirt that we could all agree upon. But it had french cuffs. French cuffs! Lordy, my baby is becoming a man. With french cuffs go cuff links. Is that one word or two? Who knows, because I've never had the slightest bit of interest in cuff links in my entire life. But we needed a pair and Marshalls had a few on sale, so we looked. He picked out the most expensive ones right away but settled for the cheapest, which are perfectly acceptable square silver and will be fine.

However, my heart isn't fine because this is yet another big milestone for me. This summer was the time when he officially grew out of boy's clothing and started looking in the men's department. This isn't easy for me. For some reason, when the Girl moved from children's to juniors, it was less of a shock. Maybe because men's clothing looks so much older and bigger than children's. No more trucks and froggies on his shirts. He's a man. He wears a tallis. He has several ties.

But his hands are still pudgy and he still hugs me every single night before bed and tells me he loves me. Best of all, he still sits in my lap. Yes, he is way too big, but I don't care. He's still my baby.
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Blogger Tracy said...

AWWW.. trucks and froggies! I miss those days myself...

As far as I am concerned, you are NEVER too old to sit in mom's lap :)

28/9/06 6:33 AM  

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