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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Day 1 and already two phone calls to the school

I find it almost impossible to believe that the high school has fucked up the Girl's schedule as badly as they did. She came to school on her first day to recieve a schedule with NO classes on it. Just blank squares. While this might be some kid's dream come true, school without all the fuss of actually going to classes and learning, the Girl took offense and tried to make it better by going to see her guidance counselor.

First she talked to the counselor who is her SpEd coordinator. He did nothing, saying he had no power to change her classes (or lack of them), so she then went to her house guidance counselor. He looked at her schedule in dismay, and then tried to fill it in with the classes that she needed. Unfortunately, he made a few serious goofs.

She is in Junior Physics. She has yet to have had Biology or Chemistry, and Physics... um, maybe not. She is also in what's known as "Power English", a class for sophmores trying to pass the MCAS but are in danger of not making it. She's a freshman, she's never had trouble passing the English portion of the MCAS (Massachusett's version of torture, the state exam students MUST pass in order to graduate high school) so this choice makes no sense at all. We think that perhaps her extremely toxic English teacher from middle school, Mr Sheppard (you asshole) might have had something to do with this turn of events. It's like him to behave in such a disrespectful and revengeful manner. God, I hate that man.

Anyhow... she also didn't get ANY of the electives she asked for, even though she was the 9th person in her middle school to pass in her schedule requests. Not one. They gave her "Computer Technology" which is about as far from her interests as Auto Mechanics. But what she did get was a plethora of hours of Resource Room, which wasn't what she was supposed to have, nor what she needs. Oh man, this so sucks.

I've put in two phone calls already to the school, to her SpEd coordinator and to her guidance counselor. I don't know why this keeps happening to this poor kid, but she enters school every year and they never ever have the correct schedule for her. This is the 4th year in a row something like this has happened. I'm so over this. Just get it right, schools.
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Blogger Tia said...

I was a mental health counselor at a high school for the past two years, but around this time of the year I also got stuck doing the dreaded schedules...... Reading this produces a slight twitch in my left eye.... I really hope the Girl gets her schedule straightened out!

7/9/06 9:17 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

Homework on the weekend??!!!!???


We are still in the elementary schoool phase here...homework Mon-Thurs only... it'a been like 11 years since mommmy's been in HS... I don't remember... is there REALLY homework in HS on weekends...

OMG.. ((margalit))

10/9/06 5:04 PM  

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