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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Go Deval, Take a hike Kerry

Deval Patrick won the primary tonight, making me one happy camper. But Kerry Healy? She's already attacking him. She's dirty politics at it's most sickening. She's the Republican we all love to hate, and she deserves that hatred in my opinion. She needs to get her mouth washed out with soap on a daily basis. She's untrustworthy, she's constantly playing up the negative, and like every other Republican I can't abide, she believes that the word liberal is a bad word. Frankly, I believe that the people of the commonwealth are sick to death of the Romney/Healy neglectant style of governing, and she's not going to be our new governor. I sure hope not. I'll work for Deval Patrick to slay her campaign right back the the sewers she belongs in.

Can you tell how much I hate her?

The candidate I voted for didn't win for Lt. Governor, but I'm happy with who did win. The Mayor of Worcester, Tim Murray is now going to be our Lt Governor Democratic candidate. I was supporting Deb Goldberg, but I'm really not complaining. Murray is a good guy. I just wanted a Jewish woman to be in power in our state, and I liked Goldberg's record in Brookline, and her empathy for the less fortunate was obvious.

What a fabulous ending to Talk Like a Pirate Day, right me scurvy mateys?
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Blogger Jaz said...

You do realize that because Patrick has been selected, Kerry Healey's chances of winning the general election are vastly improved. Healey didn't stand much of a chance against either Reilly or Gabrieli. I like your blog's graphics but you represent all that is mindless in Massachusetts libs. You base your opinions on blind hatred over ideas. You hate Bush, you hate Romney, and hate Healey. Those of us who may be against Deval Patrick in a general election would never bother saying that we hate him. Conservatives like myself try to make strictly substantive complaints. Oh, and nice death calculator on the death toll in Iraq, how lovely. Kerry Healey doesn’t have to work very hard to give liberals a bad name, you do that work work all by yourselves.

20/9/06 5:06 AM  

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