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Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's been quite a while

I can't even recall the last time I posted about the Worthless Pet. He's been especially Worthless through the summer, spending the vast amount of his time either outside keeping the back yard clear of all offending bugs, rodents, and other scary things, or sleeping upstairs in the hottest place he could find. But, as all good things do, there has been a real clear end of summer this week. It's been chilly and today it rained.

Worthless Pet firmly believes that rain is all MY fault, and I should be punished for it. It it's warm summer rain, he'll go out and wander about and then slip under the front porch for a nice private snooze. But when it gets chilly, well then we all should suffer because he's distressed at the temperature change. And suffer we do.

This morning I awoke to the stench. You know, that really stinky smell that lets you know right off the bat that they are annoyed with you and will continue to tell you this with every single ounce of their furry little bodies. My boy, he peed right in front of the spotless litter box. Not IN the box, in front of the box, all along the wall.

Using Simple Green and paper towels I got the worst of the mess cleaned up, and then sprayed with an odor neutralizer. Which sorta kinda works on a good day. Which was not today.

Then I noted that he had also sprayed someplace in the dining room area. I don't know where because the floors are dark wood and so I had to spray the entire perimeter of the room. It sorta worked, but not...not so much. So I'll be spraying again, and using all sorts of extremely expensive products that supposidly discourage further marking. Does it work? Not really, but if you have to toss money away, why not do it at PetSmart?

I just don't get why this damn cat has to do the same thing EVERY spring and fall. Like my children, he doesn't seem to transition well. When spring arrives, he'll mark up the whole house until he's allowed outside for long periods of time. And then when fall arrives and it's cold and he needs to spend more time indoors, the same damn thing. You would think he would get a clue, as he's about 10, but NO. Because he is a Worthless Pet. But at least in winter he gets so desperate he allows you to hug him for maybe a minute or two.
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Blogger Shane said...

Look at that puss's puss. How can you turn down a look like that?

16/9/06 8:09 PM  

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