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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Keith Olbermann bashes Bush in real style

Have you seen these two snippets currently featured on YouTube? The first is Bill Clinton's interview with facist Chris Wallace on Fox Crap "News". Wallace tried mightily to ambush Clinton and blame him for 911, and Clinton finally said what we've all be thinking for so long: Fox "News" is biased, shills for the Bush administration, and lies like a rug. Clinton was fabulous. He attacks where it's relevant, he explains rationally and calmly, and he just evicerates Chris Wallace and the Bush administration. If you haven't yet watched it, sit down with a cuppa and have yourself a few minutes of fabulous political parlaying.

Then, watch Keith Olbermann's commentary on the Wallace/Clinton interview, where he stands up for Clinton and then goes to town on Bush, calling him many fabulous names like crazed and a propagandist and then saying that Bush is the worst President since James Buchannon. It's just unreal. FINALLY, someone comes out and says what Bush is really all about, a lying sack of shit surrounded by bullys and sychophants to do his dirty work.

There's one more Olbermann clip that isn't yet on YouTube (or I can't find it), but here it is on photobucket. Honestly, this man should get the Nobel Peace Prize or something. He is just not letting Bush get away with anything anymore, and than goodness that someone is finally standing up and telling the truth. You gotta wonder if the nutty rightwingers have a hit on Olbermann.

All of these clips are not to be missed. They'll give you a glimpse into the future, when the truth starts to pour out and people in the media stop hiding behind their networks and start telling the truth about what a sham our government is.
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