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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lonelygirl15: what a hoax

For months she held many thousands of her readers enthralled with her escapades over the internet. She pretended to be Bree, a teenager and the daughter of very religious parents who was homeschooled. Her only way of reaching out to the 'real world' was through her computer and web cam. And she did a masterful job of spinning quite a tale, hooking thousands who waited breathlessly for her newest installment.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, there were rumors that Lonelygirl15 wasn't really who she said she was. The webcam images were too slick, the episodes seemed scripted, and people started speculating that this was perhaps leading up to some kind of advertising campaign or a TV show or something.

Today, the truth was revealed in the NYTimes. Our LonelyGirl15 is actually a 20 year old actress named Jessica Rose, and the vidposts she created were actually the brilliant idea of two filmakers who plan to continue the site even after it was exposed in a wild internet search for evidence of the hoax.

I always love a good hoax. It's one of the things that I love most about living near MIT, because their hacks are the best evah! I'll go way way out of my way to view a hack. My favorite was the police car placed on top of the dome. It was priceless!

This was a good hoax. It lasted a long time, it drove readers crazy trying to prove that it was indeed a hoax, and it was complex and inviting, drawing in everyone from the techno geeks that Bree was going after to pretty much everyone else who owns a computer. A lot of older teens were watchers, and I've read that it was a very popular site with day traders. Who knew?

I wonder what the next big hoax will be?
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